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The 28 Days Raw Program just started this morning (find out about late signups here: 28daysRAW.com) and people are making their introductions in the online community forum…Here’s a taste of what it’s like to embark on this type of journey together with a supportive group….(names changed to protect privacy)

Hi, I’m Susan from Tampa, giving the 28 Day another shot. I used travel and visitors as an excuse to not make it last time. But I did manage about a week and quickly lost weight and felt great. I want that again….and I want to sustain it! – Susan

Hey everyone, My name is Dana and I am doing this with my sister.  Might be a bit more of a challenge for her – she has never done anything remotely like this.  We started this morning (being in Australia it’s now 8am) and looking forward to the journey.  – Dana

Hello All – I’m looking forward to the raw adventure!  I’ve gotten WAY off track the last couple years & ready to get my rear in gear again.  Like Susan said, TOO many excuses…. Glad to be here + glad you’re all here :) – Beth

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to be part of the program and community! I’m a life/career coach, professional actor, educator and new mom/wife living in LI, NY. Prior to having my son I was a vegetarian and for a period of time, raw vegan. I loved how I felt both mentally and physically when I was raw, and want to recreate that in my life. Since then, I have gone back to a “SAD” and am almost always at a lower energy level. I’m hoping this program will act as a support to reach my health goal, which is to make a permanent lifestyle change, increase my physical and emotional energy and (most of all) lose 40lbs while I’m at it! Enjoy the rest of your night! – Carol

I am joining you from Ontario Canada. I have been aware of “raw” for a few years now and know in my heart and in my cells that it is the answer and the right way to live.  I am very socially agreeable so I always just go along with what my friends want – usually the worst kind of junk food, and relentlessly. Well, guess what – one of those friends is currently in ICU after having a heart attack.  So, I am committed to learning this lifestyle and imparting as much of it to him as he is willing to accept. As long as it is delicious and satisfying, I’m sure he will follow along…  Good luck to everyone.  I am extremely perceptive about knowing what I should do, and very weak about following through. But, here goes…. my friend’s condition will keep me motivated I’m sure…  love to all! – Erica

I am nervous and excited and hope this will be a wonderful experience. Thank you for the opportunity of this journey. I have never really had support of this nature and hope it will help me through this challenge. – Sara

Hello all, I’m April and I’m doing this with my sister, Dana.  She’s correct, this is out of my comfort zone but I am determined. Dinner time in Australia so have just had the gazpacho.  It was pretty good. – April

You will both be fine.  Looks like there’s heaps of support here, and lots of people to chat to who are going thru it with us. It will be fun. – Crystal

Hi everyone –My name is Jenny I live in NY, NY. I joined because my eating habits have become very inconsistent, and i really need to get back to taking charge of my eating and work outs.  I want to be raw but i find it hard to do it long-term and i want it to become easy and just second nature.  I also need to be more accountable to my workouts.  So i have a lot of work to do (lol). Thanks. – Jenny

Hi, everybody. I’m a longtime vegan and pretty high-raw — I have a new book out about that very thing.. I live in New York City where it seems to be winter almost all the time, and being a Vata in Ayurveda, I eat a lot of cooked foods in the colder seasons. It’s time to transition to nearly all raw again for June to (or through) October. Even though today is damp and feels freezing (it must be in the low 50s but it feels colder), I’m in. I must admit that I won’t be doing the meals as written. I’ve been around raw for a really long time and know how I like to eat. I’m not so much looking for a detox or major weight loss thing, just some support in the seasonal cycling back to this way of living and eating that I already know I love. – Viv

To join in the fun with this great group going raw together today, check out our late registration option at 28daysRAW.com


In Joy!

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