Healthy Living with Raw Food


I love how our culture has become truly interested in Healthy Living! People are working out more, reading labels, and more and more people are aware that eating whole foods is one of the important keys to staying healthier longer and preventing disease.

We also know the importance of drinking water, getting the right amount of sleep, having social connections and a warm primary relationship and attending to our inner life in positive ways. We know the importance of reducing and/or managing stress.

In balance, a raw food diet can be a wonderful addition to or even the base of a healthy lifestyle. Yes, we see a lot of instances where people become too restrictive or obsessive and it can be off-balance. That’s why my Programs focus on a balanced raw lifestyle, with sufficient variety and richness in the menu plan along with recipes that help ensure the absorption of many of the most essential nutrients.

I’ve realized through my 15 years in this work that any one diet is not right for all people at all times. I’ve many times helped my program participants to adapt the program to their unique needs, and encourage it when people want to make various adaptations and substitutions of their own.

Some people use the programs for the exercise and support in the main and only loosely follow the menu plan or substitute with their own mode of raw eating.

My thinking is that even if it turns out that a 100% raw diet, even a balanced one, is not right for someone, they will still have benefitted from the experience of going raw for a few weeks or more!

You really get to know your body, your relationship to food, and the power of raw foods for energizing, beautifying and healing.  And you get to learn a variety of inner work exercises for emotional balancing and personal growth. Aside from that, the social connections, especially with a Program Pal are often invaluable according to previous participants.

We know healthy living is about balance. Don’t be afraid to explore new modalities in your journey into exploring a healthier lifestyle. As my Grandfather told me “Moderation in all things, including moderation!”

In Joy!

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One Response to Healthy Living with Raw Food

  1. justin says:

    thanks, just what I needed to know, were I live not all fruit and vegis are available organic and some are expensive which is why I wouldnt follow the recipes very strictly
    eating alot of sprouts can be good.

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