Healing with Raw Vs. Staying Raw Forever

Photo Beth Hemmila, Flickr

Photo Beth Hemmila, Flickr

Healing with Raw Food…

– If you have a condition and want to reverse it naturally, raw foods can often help.

– If you go 100% raw until you are better, you’ll develop a huge appreciation for the power of raw foods and you’ll continue to eat a lot of raw foods to maintain your health once you are better.

– This approach is easier in a way because you aren’t committing to eating 100% raw for life, but only for a specific time period, for a specific purpose.

– This approach generally doesn’t threaten people socially. Your family and friends have an easier time accepting that you are using raw foods for a medical condition rather than as a preventive lifestyle, as it doesn’t make them feel that they need to change their diet.

– There are various approaches to a healing raw diet. Some people do green juice fasting for a few weeks to a month or more. Some people do a high raw and vegan diet. Some people will follow a raw menu plan while others will limit their intake to whole fruits and vegetables. Still others will intake greens exclusively.

Staying Raw Forever…

– If you want to prevent illness, disease, aches and pains

– If you want to slow down or reverse the aging process, stay youthful for longer, and live longer

– If you prefer the taste of raw foods to cooked

– If you like the way you feel on 100% raw foods (or high raw) – more energetic, more emotionally balanced, more mental clarity, heightened sensitivity, increased creativity, healthy, vibrant, active, alive and joyful!

– If you like the way you look on raw foods – thinner, fitter, more toned, in better shape, clear skin, glowing, shinier thicker hair, brighter clearer eyes, less wrinkles, vibrantly healthy look to your face, happier!

– If you find a way of eating raw that works for you long term in terms of health, budget, ease, availability, and enjoyment.


Some people start out eating raw to heal, but end up staying raw for good because they love it.

Many of us play with a raw food diet but are flexible about including certain cooked foods and some others find they even prefer a little bit of animal products on occasion in their diet.

There are an infinite number of ways to use raw foods in your healthy lifestyle journey. But once you actually experience their benefits, I’m sure you’ll be using raw foods in some way to improve your quality of life in this natural, raw world!

Need a starting place for trying a 100% raw diet safely and deliciously? Try the 21 Day Raw Cleanse online menu plan program! (New session starts Monday).

In Joy!

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  1. jtadmin says:

    It is easy! If you do have a problem email me. The most common problem is people trying to download onto a smartphone, iPhone or iPad. You need to download iZip first from the app store and then it opens up the package of files that you get when you order! :)

  2. Debby says:

    I want to do the program
    Is it complicated to do the online classes.?
    What if I can’t download the e books to do it.?
    I use an I pad

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