Gratitude Challenge

As you know, happiness is one of the three keys to health! And cultivating the heart of gratitude is one of the most amazing things you can do to achieve long-lasting, consistent happiness! Gratitude can easily become a habit, like anything else, and it is one of the best habits you could wish for! When you feel grateful, it is like an inner massage, just causing every cell in your body to become alight with a vibrant and alive energy. This is more powerful and instant – and cheaper – than a supplement! It is absolute magic. Here’s one way to get started right now!

Gratitude Challenge: Can you cultivate living in gratitude today? Can you feel gratitude for each dish you wash, each email you answer, each person you speak with, each bite of food you eat, each thought and emotion you have, each moment of this day?

Let me know how you do!

In Joy!

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3 Responses to Gratitude Challenge

  1. Jill says:

    Hey Jinjee,
    wow you look great! How beautiful are you!? :o You have 5 kids and live in a forest? :o I have 2 kids and live in Gig Harbor. I eat meat sometimes and made chicken with rice last night. It was good, but eh.. maybe I ought to rethink what I’m eating. yikes.. eww on the MSG! I am allergic to MSG. Gives me a headache and my tongue swells up and I can’t breathe plus I get migraines from it. Ajinomoto is what they call it in Japan, where i lived as a kid. .. so, uhm.. lots of things that I’m thinking about today as I go shopping for food. Maybe smoothies for us in the am with (gulp) soy milk..? My daughter is a vegetarian but she slips up sometimes and has bacon. HA I don’t know if that is supposed to “get out”.. so shhhh don’t tell anybody. :D I love that you inspire people in the right direction. You’re awesome. I am going to bookmark this page and read your blog, and just wanted to introduce myself to youa nd tell you I’m working on making better choices. Thankfully we have no big health issues.. but I have always been clearly picking carefully. I am happy I came across this blog! I know I will benefit from learning from you and Storm and reading your updates. In peace and joy,


  2. Cat in San Francisco says:

    I read your blog today. I closed my eyes and thought of all the things in my life right now. All situations, my coworkers, family, son, the food I lovingly prepared today. :) It warmed me and even moved my eyes to water. Totally felt that warm glow from the inside.



  3. Eva says:

    What a wonderful post! Yes, gratitude saved my life and I’m grateful for that :-) Thank you for your light, Jinjee

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