Going Raw and Detoxing While Nursing

Jinjee nursing YarrowI just received this letter this morning from a concerned Mother….

I am currently nursing my 21 month old, and i have been trying to figure out how i can make this transition to raw without totally interfereing with nursing. I wanted to start off with the Master cleanse starting this weekend, but i dont think it is a good idea for the breastmilk. I was wondering if you thought juicing, and just going completely raw before i do the mastercleanse would be better untill we are done breastfeeding? This will be my first time going raw. I have been a vegetarian for a year now, but my body and mind are ready for raw! I am 27 now, and really need to change. I feel tired, achy. My skin and body are just toxic! I dont want to cut out nursing my son. But i need the change now!

This was a difficult response to a common question, but here it is….

I think this subject has a lot to do with our belief systems. It is such a mysterious subject and there really are no answers out there. All I have come up with is that I believe in the body’s ability and intelligence to not detox through our milk. From what I’ve read, detox occurs only through the breath, the elimination organs, the lymphatic system, and the skin. This is why I recommend that people drink lots of water, do cardio workouts, and do enemas while detoxing. Also, just watch how your baby reacts to your changes in diet. There would be warning signs before any serious trouble started… breakouts, irritability, diarreah, weight loss, loss of energy…. If any of these occur with your baby, you would want to return to whatever works for your baby….or make slight adjustments until you find something that works for you both. My holistic nature tells me if something works for Mom it should work for baby too, though….Best of luck!

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