Go-Raw Special ends Midnight

As you know our 28 Days Raw Class begins on this coming Monday September 24th.

So, just for today I’m offering a last-minute two-for-one deal on our go-RAW Program 4-Program Special: the 28 Days Raw, 21 Days Raw, Vital Force, and Raw Empowerment Programs!

These are our four guided raw menu plan programs, starting with the 28 Days Raw this coming Monday, followed immediately by our 21 Day Raw Cleanse, then the Vital Force Diet, and finally the year-long Raw Empowerment Program where we guide and inspire you to create your own raw menu plans.

If you are looking for a re-energizing lifestyle shift on every level: diet, exercise and inner well-being, – these programs were designed for you! Make it a fun adventure, ask someone you know to go in on it with you, have a friendly competition or just support each-other during this incredible journey! Shop, make food and eat together, and you’ll be increasing both of your chances for success too!

Just sign up at the link below, email me with your receipt and your friend’s email address with “Add Friend” in the subject field, and you’ll both receive all the materials, invitations and emails for the programs!

Yes, that is all-inclusive, for the complete programs including the menu plans, shopping lists, exclusive online community, and motivational/support packages for each of you!

And yes, the complete money-back offer for those who do a public blog and share their Before and Afters is still in effect on this special! (See details at the bottom of the page at http://28DaysRaw.com and see our successful Bloggers at: http://jinjeetalifero.com/?p=1630)

The next back-to-back sessions start this Monday September 24th. Go RAW with experienced guidance and loving nurturing for a whole year and beyond! Give this gift to yourself and a friend. You deserve it!

4-Program Special:

You’ll get a full 12 weeks of raw menu plans plus monthly recipes thereafter for 2 people for only $199 (an over $600 value)

Sign up here by midnight Sunday September 21st for this delicious deal….
4 Programs for two people, only $199!

Today, Friday September 21st only!

Or find out more about the 4-Program Special and each of the individual programs at: http://TheGardenDiet.com

Quote of the Day

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

In Joy!

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