Go 100% Raw For 3 Weeks with us Starting Monday

21 Days Raw CleanseJust one week until the next round of sessions of The Garden Diet Programs begins on Monday October 10th! Try going 100% fresh-raw the garden diet way for 7 straight weeks, and feel the difference! 24 hours remain to take advantage of the incredible Early Bird Special at http://21DaysRaw.com

I continue to receive the most wonderful testimonials from our lifetime members on a daily basis…

Here’s a comment about the Motivational Reading section of the Daily Instructions that I send out to Participants every day…

“Thank you, Jinjee, for this thought-provoking post! I’ve read the Motivational Reading Materials section through twice and still want to go back and ponder certain points. I love what you have to say about fine tuning the raw foods lifestyle based on individual needs, sugar-related issues, serious disease issues, working, socializing, and family differences. And it’s always good to be reminded about how this lifestyle increases our clarity and creativity”.

Mary Jane

….And here is one that I stumbled upon in the Program’s Forum for Participants…

“I’m at my lowest weight and size in over 10 years, though I’m only exercising about 20-30 minutes per day! I’ve kept my exercise to my T-Tapp and walking. While I haven’t been perfectly raw all the time, I have been totally vegan and about 98% raw”.

Posted by Vicki on September 25, 2011 at 8:10am — 5 Comments

To see and hear about some of the amazing results people are getting by eating the way nature intended, check out the 21 Day Cleanse website at http://www.21DaysRaw.com

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardi

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In Joy!


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