Garden Diet Bloggers – How They Got Our Programs for FREE!

28 Days Raw
F-REE pass to 28 Days Raw Course
Did you know there is a way to get our 28 Days Raw and 21 Day Raw Cleanse for no cost at all? These are our 2 Go-RAW Programs that you do online with a large group of participants all following our menu plan, workouts, and daily journal exercises. The next back-to-back sessions start on this Monday August 6th!


How To Get These Program Free of Charge!

1.) Order the 28 Days Raw Program or the 2-Program Special at

2.) Do one or both of the Programs just once or up to four times.

3.) Take decent quality Before and After Pictures showing a visible amount of weight loss comparable to the photos on this site. It doesn’t have to be drastic, it can be just  a few lbs., but it does have to be visible. Or if you are very underweight we’d like to see you gain some.

4.) Write a Testimonial about how you did it, how you were able to stick with the menu and workouts, and what changes you experienced in your weight, health and well-being.

5.) Blog/Post daily about your experience in a public blogging site like or a social networking site like

6.) Post your Before & After Pictures and Testimonial on your public blog or social networking site.

7.) Email the Before & After Pictures and Testimonial to us along with your permission allowing us to use them on our sites. Also let us know the location of your blog site.

Follow these steps and we’ll send you back your entire payment in full!

I believe if you take us up on this offer that you will motivate yourself to succeed! We hope this will give you the incentive to stick with the program and thereby achieve your health goals! We are so excited about the positive changes you will experience on our programs, the quality of life and incredible experience of health and well-being you will enjoy, that we would be absolutely delighted to refund your money as a celebration of your success! – and ours!

Sign up today at and get your shopping done in time for Monday morning with our convenient shopping lists!

Please email me with any questions at

Some more of our refunded Bloggers….

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Mich Before and After The Garden Diet Programs

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Rebecca Before and After The Garden Diet ProgramsCheck out Rebecca’s Blog during her time on our Programs!


Kai Before and After The Garden Diet Programs

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Sign up today at

In Joy!

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