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It is true that sometimes people have had amazing experiences on The Garden Diet Programs, like losing 100 lbs. in a year or getting off medications. But more often, our Programs are just a small part of a person’s health journey. Maybe they find a few recipes they like, adopt a new workout habit, or embrace a little piece of motivation that inspires them to stick to their health goals.

I received an email recently from a woman called Leslie who does not have a huge weight loss or healing story to report, but who simply found she was able to stop a lot of emotional eating. In re-reading her letter I realize that this accomplishment is as major as any I’ve yet read about! I’m so honored that we were there at the right time and the right place with just the program that Leslie needed for whatever reason to go from a life that had been completely taken over by emotional eating – to a place of greater freedom and joy!

Here is her story. I hope you’ll be inspired by it as much as I am…..

My 21 Day Cleanse Experience!
Posted by Leslie Senior on March 11, 2012

My experience of the 21 Day Cleanse was like an answered prayer! I had wanted to go raw for the about 4 years, but just didn’t find the jumping in place until I decided to join the 21 Day Cleanse, and it’s what I’ve needed for many years!!! Raw food!!! I could say “who knew?” but I long suspected that this was the way… only who can I trust to show me how to do it? It’s Jinjee’s & Storm’s experience, knowledge, support, and keeping it simple, that I was blessed to come into – and begin the transformation!! Yeaaaa!!!

The shear volume of what you get with the 21 D.C. is phenomenal! The amount of information: I haven’t even gotten through half of it – that’s how packed it is with information, and support!! Although my program pals weren’t able to be there for me, and that’s ok, I felt the support coming through the daily emails from Jinjee, & I knew if I was in some kind of fix, that I could email her, or call her, and get “fixed”. And the weekly phone support for all of us was great! Plus, Storm’s experience is something like 40 years – what more validation do I need for an experienced teacher?!!?!!

What happened to me is that my relationship to food totally changed, and cravings left except for an occasional urge for really sweet food, so I went for dates or honey, and sometimes dates dipped in honey. That last one is a little excessive, I know, but Hey! it’s SO much better than eating cookies & ice cream! Sugar was one of my addictions, and simple carbs (like bread, white rice, pasta) – the other – and that junk had me addicted for many years!!!! It’s incredible to know that I don’t need, and EVEN WANT – that junk anymore!!!

Food no longer has me chained, and I’m FREE!!! No more fuzzy, confused, tired, apathetic states of both mind and body. I would talk slower than anyone else. And walk slower than my age! My attitude was half the time often one of apathy, resignation, just getting by. And I would still reach for the junk. It was emotional eating: giving me a truly deceptive and temporary comfort, over-and-over-and-over-again. So now – I don’t need any of that. Truly awesome!

My whole being seems less stressed, too! I feel more at peace about how my life is now going, because I’m really taking care of myself! Although there were some moments where I was feeling things really amplified, or intensely – that was ok because I suspected that my system was at a cleaner place where emotions had to be more “there” because junk wasn’t in the way, clouding my perceptions or feelings.

And I’m making a big change with something in my external world that’s been very stressful for a long time. Is it a coincidence that I decided to stop living in a bad situation for so long? Don’t know…maybe, maybe not!

The other transformation is eating tiny amounts! Sometimes I hardly eat or drink anything and then nibble throughout the day and I’m just fine with that! Somedays I’ll have to do more than nibble, though; it does catch up with me. Since I had done fasting in my old life, I knew that it was possible to live on next to nothing and actually feel better, usually much better. But I wasn’t ready to make eating according to the true needs of my body a way of life, and eating realistically – until I embarked on the 21 Day Cleanse. What a change!!!

I also had the awareness in the past that my diet was very acidic, because I also had heartburn for years, too. Crazy! As soon as I went raw and alkaline in my food, the heartburn was history, too!

While losing weight is extremely important for me, I’m reassured that I don’t have to rush it, that – I just have to keep eating & drinking the way I am now, and it’ll happen.

Now the exercising I didn’t get to. That was another huge amount of very valuable videos & info., and I’ll definitely go back to them and use them. In the 28 Day Program, I’ll start working it in. That’s also why I didn’t post my current photo – although I did take it!!! Lol! I haven’t lost enough weight to merit it, I think. Because of a condition (adrenal fatigue), I don’t really get moving until the afternoon. However – I know that this is going to change from what I’m feeding my body. So I’ll continue to lose weight, and I’ll get my long-term energy (how long it’s gonna take) back. I’m at peace because I know – finally! – I can have long-range goals for my body, and my whole being, that are going to work out!

Although I didn’t follow the menu’s perfectly, and went for cooked or processed food sometimes, I knew immediately that I was doing the right thing. The smoothies, juices, cleansing drinks & mylks were especially like dynamite! I mean, I would often feel my body kinda like humming. Just a really good feeling that’s hard to describe. But a real energy feel, almost like a buzz, or vibration! And I was so happy that I was feeding myself in the best possible way!!! That it re-inspired me, and kept me going!

Then, Jinjee’s daily Instructions were always full of encouragement. In addition were all the great info. coming from Jinjee’s & Storm’s extensive experience in the eBooks, and the videos, too! The menus and shopping lists were kept simple, the recipes were really good! I also opened my 1st coconut!! So this whole new world of veggies, fruits, seeds & nuts is opening up for me, and I like it! It’s exciting, healing, energizing, and stabilizing! Wonderful!!!

Last but not least it was great to know that others were in this with me, too! That whole other dimension of people who are a lot like me, and we’re all doing the same thing – made it more complete, more validating, a more encouraging experience. I think it would be too intimidating to interact just with the teachers/role models. So having others like me brings the whole experience more down to earth and doable. It was very helpful to get others’ encouragement through the web site, and just know that I wasn’t really struggling alone with this, at all!!!

So there’s nothing lacking in the 21 Day Cleanse! It was perfect!! THANK YOU!!!


Thank you Leslie, for the inspiring email. I know you’ll stay with it, enjoy your freedom, and with love and patience and natural foods return to your natural shape that you were made to be!

In joy!

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  1. Irae says:

    Great, is the person who has walked before us and continues to inspire those who need a hand to work emotional stuff out..Your, story is inspiring, Leslie. I can relate to emotional eating. Continue, with your great efforts into the revelation of the wonderful,warm,beautiful woman, you always have been.

    Thank you,
    irae (emotional eater)

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