Food of Love

Julie PitcherAs I know you all enjoy food and love, we thought you might enjoy hearing some of the music we have made in our little home studio this year! Our goal is to make really light and inspiring music. It is my belief that what we listen to, what we read, and what we watch affects our health perhaps as much as what we eat. If we take in light, positive vibrations in music, books, video, and food, these things can all work together to create harmony within.

I’d like to introduce you to Jules (pictured here), a part of our band and our family, who is a unique raw vegan singer-songwriter, amazing guitar player, and clever lyricist, whose voice is as raw and honest as her diet. She plays on the Solitary Birds tracks with Storm and I, and also has two solo tracks of her own songs that you’ll enjoy! Jules’ Mom Rhonda Pitcher also joins us with gorgeous vocals and haunting lyrics that she wrote and sang on the Solitary Birds song “Mystery”.

The Solitary Birds Instrumental Tracks are compositions which I wrote on my Korg Triton keyboard, featuring Storm playing silver flute, piccolo, cello – his latest instrument which he plays in a very unique way, and bass recorder – the “talking tree” that has been his mode of musical expression for 35 years.

enjoy raw vegan vibration music this valentines weekend! ~ The Natch Music Catalog!

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