Fine-Tuning The Raw Diet for Your Personality

A followup to the One Diet Does Not Fit All / Dealing with Raw Pitfalls post…..

There are many versions and variations of the raw diet, and I recommend trying many of them. Take what you like from each of them, and come up with a version that is nourishing for you, tasty to you, and doable for you.

If you feel great, stay with it! If or when you don’t feel so great, it is time to fine tune!

Fine Tuning the Raw Diet for You means…
– Knowing what nutrients are in each food. – There are online nutrition databases as well as the wonderful book The Nutrition Almanac by Lavon Dunne.
– Knowing how these nutrients affect you. – By paying attention to your body, journaling, researching, etc…
– Learning how to heal with foods. – An excellent book for this is Dr. Norman Walker’s “Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices” which has a guide in the back prescribing different vegetable juices for a whole variety of different conditions.

Fine Tuning the Raw Diet for You also means….
– assessing your unique needs, including:
your lifestyle
your schedule
your body type
your metabolism
your weight
any conditions you may have
your level of health
your health goals
your weight goals
your activity level
your food allergies
your food preferences
your comfort foods
your beliefs about food, diet, and health
your experiences with food, diet, and health
your choices re. food, diet, and health
your habits related to food, diet, and health
your emotions around food, diet, and health
your culture and traditions
your work life
your social life
your family life
your primary relationship
whether, where and how often you travel
how you deal with and react to addiction, withdrawals, and change

You might like to think about each of these issues, or journal about them, for a greater level of self-knowledge about your health; yourself.

For instance, a person who works full time and needs to do business lunches for their particular job, or is involved in friendships where food is a central part of their life, may need to incorporate some kind of allowances for including some cooked food in their diet.

Another person facing serious health issues but who has a goal of being around for their grand-children might need to eat 100% raw, even if it means saying no to friends who want to take them out for fast food, and in fact, even if it means simplifying their life and working less for a while to have time for juicing and exercising.

Many years ago I had an initial session with a homeopathic doctor who for about an hour asked me questions about such things as everything on the list above and more. And after that session I’m sure I felt better just from having a greater self-knowledge and awareness! Not to mention taking some time out to focus on my health, a luxury I seldom afforded myself.

– from The Garden Diet’s 28 Day Transition-to-Raw Program

In Joy!


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  1. Kim says:

    Jinjee…you’re intelligence and spirit radiate in your words and blogs!! I love reading what you share each day!!

    Love and hugs to you…

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