Fighting Our Demons

art by Jome Talifero

When you start to think about the junk food or your food nemesis that you are craving, replace it with the thought of your favorite healthy raw food, or if none, the healthiest vegan food that you love. Or if it’s easier, just turn the thought off. Just turn it off as quickly as possible.

You know we all have different paths to health and healing, rejuvenation and weight loss, whatever we’re seeking. Perhaps you’re seeking to be free of addiction or to eat in a way that feels right to you in a humanitarian or spiritual way. Our paths may be the same in many ways, but in so many ways they are vastly different. I share some very personal things that have helped me, and the way in which I share them is very personal too. I believe that the best teachers are those who have just learned what they are teaching. And I do like to share things I’ve just learned. Storm claims that I am “process-y”. I think my Mum may have called me “neurotic”. But I think I observe my processes precisely because I enjoy sharing them. I want to share my experiences not so much so that you can duplicate them, but so that you can connect with your own path, your own unique roads that will open up to you because of who you are, because of your own choices and decisions, because of your dreams and your personal direction and destiny.

Storm often shares his personal journey with me, and although I didn’t relate to his methodology for many years, now it serves me really well. Perhaps different things work at different stages of our lives.

Storm saw me sort of giving in to my food addictions – cheese and chocolate — which snuck up on me during another unsuccessful attempt to eat just-a-little-bit-of-cooked-food-ocassionally-in-moderation. And so he talked to me about fighting my demons. He said: “You are doing big work, and so you have legions of demons after you who don’t want to let you do it, as you are threatening their kingdom. Wouldn’t it be great if you could definitively slay those demons every time, don’t even let them get a purchase on you, if you could win their respect and have them doing your bidding. Wouldn’t you love to get those 5 lbs. off your middle and look down and see powerful rippling abdominal muscles instead?”…. This type of terminology never really spoke to me before but it must have been the thing I needed to hear right at that time, because suddenly it is easy. This is the amazing type of shaman Storm is. In fact, I’d say his specialty is helping people tame their 7-foot demons.

Whatever little phrase, event, thought, insight, book, article, program, person, or stroke of divine mercy is going to be the doorway for you, know that sometimes it can be instant! Know that the addiction that seems like an impossible immovable weight (literally), can be gone in one moment of time. Just accept that, believe it, and be happy because you know you can be free. This lightness of being, this faith if you will, is a part of the process to allowing the doorway to present itself to you, to being able to see the doorway when it arrives.

In Joy!
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