Excess Raw Energy

Excess Raw Energy is a concept I’ve written about before but I have just had an experience that has deepened my understanding of this phenomenon. The theory is Storm’s – that many people go off the raw diet simply because they get too much energy from raw foods – more than they require.

Perhaps if one is very active or fully creatively, mentally and spiritually engaged in living then one can really use all the energy generated via this lifestyle. Perhaps you need to have a high vibrational frequency, perhaps living a life of constant giving, to be able to handle the cumulative energy of raw power year after year.

Yesterday I fell off the wagon. Looking back at why this happened, I remember feeling like I had very nervous energy and I felt almost jittery – for lack of a better word — like, a lot of static energy might be another way to put it.

When I feel this way I know that eating my addictive foods will calm that down. So I’ve come to think of the feeling as an addictive craving. But what if those jitters are just energy backed up! And maybe running / biking would help? I’ll try it.

Maybe up til now I’ve eaten as that expends energy on digestion, which was another way to use up my excess raw energy.

Will keep you posted!

In Joy!

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One Response to Excess Raw Energy

  1. monika says:

    Hi, I have had the same effects in my past. I was so high on life and energy that I could not sleep and my mind was going a hundred miles an hour. I had so many wonderful beautiful ideas, saving the world, helping people see how a plant based diet really does create peace, ect, ect. I also became very cold. I live in Canada, Vancouver Island, so in the fall it’s quite damp and rainy. I had to introduce some warming foods, cooked foods. I actually felt guilty. But I was so super charged, it was hard to relate to anybody:(
    Anyways I’m pretty slim, so I don’t really have a problem with weight, unless I’m unhappy, then I always get water retention. Now i’m doing 50/50 but don’t feel the way I used to. I’m almost scared to feel as good as I used to because I don’t have anybody to share my life high with. Thank you for your inspiration!

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