Everything You Know About Losing Weight Is Wrong

You think it is about changing your ways, setting intentions, visualizing, staying positive, having a plan, schedule and support network, exercising, changing your habits, never giving up, eating a bigger breakfast, not eating after dark, eating fewer calories than you burn, going 100% raw, etc…

And, yes, all of this is true. But all of this is much harder than it sounds. And it is much harder to remember and stay on top of it all when we are in the midst of the emotional turmoil of daily life. And it is even more impossible when we have food addictions or are addicted to compulsive over-eating.

Now that I am studying the actual science of overcoming addiction, it is no longer a wonder to me how so many people are stuck in addiction, or how I was stuck in it for so long. What is an absolute wonder is how simple, quick, and easy it is to get free of addiction once you have the right tools!

The science of overcoming addiction is lovingly spelled out in practical layman’s terms in the Emotional Brain Training system.

Huge strides have been made in the science of overcoming addiction. And this amazing woman, Laurel Mellin, intuited them years before this research validated her knowledge. However she was instrumental in getting a lot of this research done.

And now she is instrumental in authoring a system for the practical application of these scientific breakthroughs in brain science in everyday life for the reduction of stress and for freedom from addictions of all kinds.

All you need to take advantage of this is the willingness to participate in the work, to throw yourself in to it, to practice the tools, and to have a deep desire to change — even if you have other conflicting desires never to change!

Sign up for our 28 Days Raw Program today and you will receive a free teleclass recording all about Emotional Brain Training and how it works, even taking your through some of the process! Even this one demonstration can create a small but profound shift in your relationship to food.

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In Joy!

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