Emotional Brain Training

Emotional Brain TrainingWe recently finished up an absolutely wonderful raw hiking yoga retreat week. I’ll have photos coming to my Facebook page soon. We were fortunate to have a very magical group of guests and I feel I have learned as much from them as they may have picked up at the retreat.

It is such a heightened experience being in close living quarters with people who are very like-minded in regards to being passionate about health and healing on both the personal and planetary levels.

I have much to communicate with you in the near future from the thoughts, realizations, resources and insights that were shared during this event.

One such tool that is immediately available is the Emotional Brain Training app on the iPhone. One of our guests, a marriage and family therapist, showed me how this app can help move us from a stressed or impulsive state to our naturally joyful state of being.

This acclaimed methodology by Laurel Mellin, MA, RD, author of “Wired for Joy”, provides solutions for mood, addiction and weight and uses five simple tools to move from stress to joy. It actually re-wires your brain, short-circuiting your stress-related addictive impulses.

The Emotional Brain has five parts. Visually, it moves from the lower part of our head in the back, and up through the frontal lobe or forehead area.

The bottom part is our Reptilian Brain, our survival brain. This set-point 5 is where we feel from when we are very stressed. In this state we can be quite compulsive. A less intense level of stress moves us up a notch. Feeling even-keel is set-point 3. At set-point 2 we are fairly happy. And at our best we are experiencing joy from the most integral state of 1, the neocortical area of the brain.

It takes consistent practice over time to move your set-point for good. But the work is short and you can do it in a few minutes as stress comes up. Moments of stress now become opportunities to re-wire the brain. The simple EBT iphone app is very helpful. There are also groups, consultations and other resources available via the EBT website.

If you want a consultation with my new raw vegan friend and therapist who also is certified in EBT, let me know! (her site is http://www.loveandmarriageworks.com)

Look up:

EBT app: in the iPhone App store

EBT info: http://www.ebt.org

The EBT app is a wonderful tool to help you stay on the raw diet or whatever dietary program you choose.

Our 28 Days Raw Program begins in 6 days, however there are 3 days remaining for the Early Bird Special which ends Friday. http://28DaysRaw.com

In Joy!

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