Emotional Brain Training TeleGroup with Barbara Gabriel, MFT

Barbara Gabriel, my EBT Coach

An 8 Month Program – 1.5 hour Teleclass every Wednesday at 4:00 PM – Beginning Wednesday October 3rd.

How The Emotional Brain Training Teleclass Group works…

1. Email me if interested, and I will email you a sign-up link if there is still space, and you can then go ahead and sign up.

2. Receive the call-in information via email

3. Participate in weekly telephone conference call session (Teleclass)

4. Purchase the “Kits” (6 Books we’ll send you the links to purchase as we go along. We will be starting with “Wired For Joy Basics” which costs $28.)

5. Hourly check-ins with self (6 deep breaths, asking what is my emotional state, accepting your state or using an EBT tool to move to a higher state)

6. Commit to daily journaling

7. Commit to physical exercise. The goal is 300 minutes a week broken up however it fits in to your schedule

8. Commit to following a healthy-eating plan (The EBT Founder has a non-raw eating plan in one of the Kits, however I recommend signing up for the 28 Days Raw Program or The Raw Empowerment Program and using the 100% Raw Vegan Menu Plans in one of these)

9. Commit to making a “community connection” with one person for a 2-5 minute check-in per day

More details on how to implement all of the above are covered in the course.


About the Teleclass….

We’ll be a group of 8, plus Barbara Gabriel who will be leading us, and myself as this will be my training to lead groups like this. It can also be training for you if you decide to lead similar groups in future.

We’ll call in once a week and work through the 6 books in the Kits chapter by chapter, one chapter a week. This is light, easy, fun, uplifting reading. The chapters are short, taking only about 10-15 minutes to read.

Our Goal: To move our emotional set-point up over the course of 6 to 8 months

The Emotional Brain

The Emotional Brain has five set-points:

Feeling Great (Brain State 1)

Feeling Good (Brain State 2)

A Little Stressed (Brain State 3)

Definitely Stressed (Brain State 4)

Stressed Out (Brain State 5)

Each of us has a Set-Point that has come to be our “normal”. If we are in the Reptilian Brain State (4 and 5) as a habit, we are more prone to act impulsively a lot of the time.

By diligently practicing and using the simple tools in EBT we can re-wire our brains and effectively change our Set-Point over time.

EBT, developed by Laurel Mellin, MA, RD, is based on the latest brain-science discoveries in neuroplasticity and is considered a cutting-edge, leading modality for managing stress and healing addiction.

Doing The Cycles

Part of the 90 minute weekly telesession will be going through a “Cycle” with one of the participants. Doing a Cycle is the main EBT tool for moving ones emotional set-point up.

This is the part that is really hard to get from just the book, and it is helpful to have the guidance of an EBT trained therapist as one learns to do this process.

The Cycle process involves cycling through the major emotions around any issue. These are Anger, which gives way to Sadness, which gives way to Fear, which gives way to Guilt. Once we uncover the guilt, Barbara helps us to see the “Unreasonable Expectation” we have held.

She then helps us to create a “Reasonable Expectation” and we write it down and “Grind it In”, meaning repeating it frequently to ourselves to reprogram this brain circuit.

There are several “Survival Circuits” which are the most difficult to re-wire, and a lot of the EBT Work takes place in helping us to re-wire these so that we can really shift in to new ways of behavior in the most challenging areas of our lives.

At the end of the Cycle a few people will share their feelings and how the Cycle was a gift to them. This “Connecting Message” creates attachment and an open and honest space for doing this work together.

This Emotional Brain Training Teleclass Group is Limited to 8 people. If more people are interested we may add a second weekly session.



Let me know if you are intested in being part of this group and I will email you with a signup link if there is still space.

It looks like a lot to do, but when you start doing it, the flowing structure makes it is very easy.  And one of the payoffs is that it makes life more enjoyable! The cost is $189/mo or $47.50 per session (very inexpensive therapeutic work)

More About EBT

Solutions for Mood, Addiction & Weight

Your emotional brain controls your health and your happiness.

EBT is based on a new paradigm in health care of using positive emotional plasticity to re-encode self-regulatory circuitry that decreases chronic stress, the root cause of 80% of health problems.

When the emotional brain is out of balance, we naturally develop problems with mood, relationships, behavior and health.

EBT focuses on the root cause: stress in the emotional brain. Instead of forcing yourself to change your behavior, you use a unique, proven method to ease stress in your emotional brain. Mood, relationships, behavior and health naturally improve.

EBT will give you tangible ways to create balance in your emotional brain so that your brain’s emotional set point begins to improve.

Begin by learning the basic tools to change your emotional brain so that you naturally process stress in a highly effective way.

The Neuroscience Behind EBT

The way we respond to life is encoded in our wiring, and triggered in time that is measured in 10,000ths of a second. You can learn how to identify a wire and change it.

History of EBT

More than 30 years ago, we began to develop a method based on addressing the root cause of overweight as part of a faculty team at the University of California, San Francisco.

Please email me with any questions!

In Joy!

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2 Responses to Emotional Brain Training TeleGroup with Barbara Gabriel, MFT

  1. Sarah Maxfield says:

    Just wanting to express my interest in the EBT teleclasses. Can you tell me what night the call will be held? Will they be held on the same night each week? I am just wondering for scheduling as I am a busy mom, that is in school and I have a husband who will be travelling quite a bit as well.
    I am so excited that you are offering this opportunity and I am eager to learn more. I am already well versed in the concepts within EBT and had been working with Dr. Joe Disepenza’s theory on neuroplasticity and his meditation too.
    Please let me know if you have room for me.


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