Eating Ourselves to Death

Sitting and writing in my car outside Jamba Juice which is right next to a Starbucks coffee shop, in the last hour 5 people went in to the Jamba Juice and around 50 people went in to the Starbucks.The Jamba Juice is bright, healthy, and has delicious smoothies and juices with a sign in the window saying “Live Fruitfully”!  The Starbucks has coffee and cakes and a sign saying “Our foods cause cancer”

The people going in to Jamba Juice look healthy and athletic. The people going in to Starbucks are almost all either overweight, puffy, red or craggy in the face, unhealthy looking, or bent over in pain.

So why is everybody going in to Starbucks instead of Jamba Juice? What’s the difference? It’s simple: Starbucks’ foods and drinks are addictive. And they harm people, like so many other cooked and processed foods in packages and stores and restaurants do. Why? Addiction makes money. Ridiculous money!

How can we stop this craziness? I think we can start with our own life. Our own body.Your body can be a microcosm of the macrocosm of our world. Get on the raw wagon! Be free of addiction! Claim your birthright of freedom!

True, going raw is not easy. You need resources, support, recipes, and most of all – an experienced guide to give you a balanced menu plan of recipes that are….

1. Easy / Fast

2. Balanced / Nutritious

3. Satisfying / Delicious

If you are ready to change your life, be your best, and change the world, we have a comprehensive set of tools to help you accomplish your goals!

1.) The Raw Empowerment Program

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2.) The 21 Day Garden Diet Raw Cleanse

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In Joy!


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