Eating Intentionally

Eating unconsciously can be replaced by eating with intention. To eat with intention means we know the reason we are eating and we eat for that purpose. One way to do this is to learn the nutritional content of different foods, and the effects different foods have on your body. You can study nutritional databases online (see link below) or you can become so attuned to food that you can learn by experience how each food you eat affects you.

As you eat with awareness of what benefits each fruit or vegetable has for your body, your intention that the foods you are eating are going to benefit these areas of your body enhances the positive effects of these superfoods. The power of the mind, of our intentions, of our expectations, and of our beliefs is evidenced in the use of placebos. The creative nature of the mind coupled with the power of fresh nutrients can direct these nutrients, and thereby fully appreciate these nutrients, through consciousness. For what we appreciate appreciates in value. As we become more conscious of what food does in our body we can experience a greater connection with our food and a greater level of health.

Take eating an apple. It is a pleasant experience and an excellent snack but we can also eat it knowing that it will regulate our blood sugar, regulate our blood fats preventing heart disease, boost our immune system, and make our colon healthier and happier. For more information on the apple and also the nutritional content and benefits of a wide variety of whole foods visit: “The World’s Healthiest Foods

When we know the wonderful properties of the whole foods we eat we may more naturally give each one space to do its work, by not throwing any other food on top of it, so we can fully appreciate the magic of each particular food.

In Joy!

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