Diet and Age Comparisons – Vegetarian vs. Meat Eater

This unfair age comparison photo below has been making the rounds on Facebook….trying to show the difference between a 51-year old vegetarian woman vs. a 51-year old omnivorous woman. In truth, Gillian (Left) is not a vegetarian but a pescatarian, which means that she does eat fish but not other meats. She is also a year older than Nigella (Right). Having viewed recent pictures of Nigella, which you’ll also see further below, I have a hard time believing this is really a recent photo of Nigella. If she is not actually 51 in this photo, that would of course make the comparison not just unfair, but also a hoax.

Although Nigella certainly has good bone structure and is a beautiful woman, she here also has the added benefit of…
1. good lighting
2. professional makeup
3. coiffured hair
4. striking a pose vs. being freeze-framed while talking
5. plastic surgery
6. botox injections to fill out the wrinkles in her forehead and around the eyes

Nigella is very open about her plastic surgery and regular injections of botox to make her face appear more plump and youthful.

Further, it is not hard to freeze a frame of video footage of anyone while they are talking and get their absolute worst angles, especially in bad lighting.

Here’s another picture of the same two women I’ve put side-by-side which completely reverses the advantage…

Gillian McKeith and Nigella Lawson

Gillian McKeith and Nigella Lawson

What these pictures show is that if you are biased you can always find evidence to support whatever view you wish to promote, and also that anyone can take a bad photo.

In a random selection of 100 herbivorous 51-year old women and 100 omnivorous 51-year old women it would be interesting to see an actual fair and unbiased comparison. I believe you would find it to be fairly equal, because so many factors other than diet play in to our appearance, including everything from exercise and sexual activity, to how our emotional health is faring to genetics to how we’ve been taking care of ourselves in the past few hours, days, or years.

Consider also that a rather large percentage of people do not adopt alternative diets such as vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan diets until something goes amiss with their health. So, you may see unhealthy looking people on alternative diets simply because they already had health issues on the SAD diet. However, you don’t know what they would have looked like without their alternative diet if they would even have been alive at all without it. Here is an example….

Take a look at this strictly raw vegan man. Some might not think he looks particularly young for his age.

But now look at him before he went raw! As you can see he looks 10 years older in this before picture.

And here are a few more comparison shots of Nigella….at her best and worst after her plastic surgery….
Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery

And now for the “Back-At-Ya!” — Thank you to whomever started this post on FB featuring my friend and role model, legendary raw food author and chef Mimi Kirk at 73 vs. a random 73 year old. Mimi is open about coloring her hair but has never had any plastic surgery or botox. She is not concerned about looking a certain way, but with feeling great! And boy has raw been good to her! She is a phenomenon who has gifted us all with the possibility of reprogramming our own rate of aging through showing us a new paradigm of what is possible.

Mimi Kirk at 73

But the raw vegan diet isn’t a fountain of youth for everyone. We are all different and there is no cookie cutter healthy lifestyle that works for everyone. You can only really find out if the raw vegan diet works for you by giving it an honest try! Here’s an easy way to give it a 21-Day college try with menu plans and shopping lists to make it really easy for you! – The 21 Day Raw Cleanse starting February 20th! Check out the Early Bird Special, see stunning Before & Afters and get more information about this very special program here:

In Joy!

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14 Responses to Diet and Age Comparisons – Vegetarian vs. Meat Eater

  1. erika says:

    plastic phonies when they look too young
    its plastic
    don’t b fooled

  2. erika says:

    plastic phonies

  3. Miranda says:

    The way they look is not due to what they eat it’s just the simple case of one was born pretty. But yes lighting and makeup adds to it.

  4. Karen says:

    He looks older in the after photo. He looks much healthier in the first photo. Skinny does not equal healthy.

  5. Josh says:

    the biggest contributing factor to the age you looks is not diet but sun exposure.
    as an Australian whenever overseas, particularly European countries the first thing I notice is how much younger everyone looks compared to me.
    Our hard and constant sun exposed country ages our skin more than any other factor.
    I’m 29 and whilst travelling, most of my travelling friends I met were in their mid to late 30’s and looked significantly younger than I do.
    so keep out of the sun and you will keep that skin young and healthy looking :)

  6. Rosemary says:

    I find these photographic comparisons so annoying – but felt so annoyed that I should comment!! Once again we are faced with the outward appearance being the be all and end all of our beauty and the very thing that we are judged by. Surely the main reason that we choose to eat a raw vegan diet is for health and well being – if into the bargain we also improve our outer appearnace – well and good. Let us know that we are loved and fully accepted just as we are.
    If we must see photographic evidence then perhaps Tonya Zavasta would another great example.

  7. sofia kovalenko says:

    plus, we dont know if mimi has had any plastic surgery or not .. she is a hollywood gal afterall.. but it doesnt matter we should do this diet first and foremost to feel healthy

    • Jinjee says:

      Oh, I’ve met Mimi and spoken with her, and she has definitely not had work done. However, she has a really strong bone structure.

  8. sofia kovalenko says:

    they all look beautiful, although nigella does look more youthful, for whatever reason. the man looks a lot older in the “after” picture because he looks so skinny! older people look better with a bit of healthy flesh on them especially on their face … my opinion

    • Jinjee says:

      Oh, I think you mean he looks older in the bottom picture. That’s actually the “Before” picture. Usually we put the “after” on the bottom so I understand the confusion.

  9. Andrew Norris says:

    Hi there! So True that beauty is in the eye. We are so automatically conditioned these days by Western big corporation advertising, that we often cannot see how deeply they have affected our viewpoints. I’m certain that looks / appearance were never such an issue in the past. But now bright / new / shinny things are played up in the media, as they want us to buy them! Good looking people are continually seen having a better time than the typically loser people in movies / media generally who are not up to the shiny / new ideal.

    But anyway, there is an issue I wonder if you are aware of. The link to birth weight and health. In that mothers you had a good diet full of nutrients, give their children an amazing advantage in life. And that these children are born heavier. The link is amazing. They live longer, flight off diseases better etc.

    So those people that do seem to not eat that well and still be quite healthy – could well have had a great diet – before they were born! And it set them up for life.

    Well worth looking at. I’ve mentioned this to a couple of blogs in the rae movement so far, but no replies or comments so far.

    It’s well worth looking into. But not to be used as an excuse to eat junk!

  10. Crystal says:

    I find it sad to play the game of comparison. It’s a war.

    It reveals the spirit in which the person originally did it. It’s just a destructive act and it leads to nowhere good. And, in fact, it does not require to compare to advocate something.

    The comparison was obviously biaised. It would have been fairer if both woman had been “pre-treated” the identical way: make-up, lighting, etc.

    But to come back to the subject of vegetarian and vegan diets: if we care to go to the core, and do not stop at the peripheral aspect of their obvious dietary benefits – at the core, we are reaching the principle of ahimsa or harmlessness – or better, loving and caring for life. The spiritual aspect in itself is so beneficial that, in my experience, it literally enlightens each particle and cell of our body.

    I do not feel the need to add anything to this, but

    Love and Light to each human being and all Life in the Universe

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