Daydreaming Hacks

yarrowbooNo, not hacks to stop daydreaming; hacks to get you daydreaming! See, daydreaming is a good thing. It’s an instant relaxation vacation. it’s visualizing. It’s creating possibilities. It’s increasing your appreciation for potential possibilities, for life. It also improves your memory, imagination, creativity and other brain functions. Plus, it’s fun!

Try doing one daydreaming hack a day for a week to improve your well-being.

Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge!

Give it a try today by picking a random daydreaming hack from the list below, gaze out the window right now and you’re off to the races!

If time wasn’t an issue, what would I do today….

How / what would I like to feel today….

If I had $20,000 (oro $100,000,000,000 or some other random number)…

If I was 25 years old again…

If I was retired…

If I was on my deathbed…

If I was my perfect weight/shape/fitness/beauty….

If I loved myself exactly as I am right now…

If the world was perfect….

If I had a superpower….

My ideal lover/partner/husband, etc….

My dream house….

My dream world…

My dream job….

My dream social life….

If I could help a nonprofit organization it would be….

If I could fund a business it would be….

If I could solve a problem in the world it would be….

If I could do any career it would be….

If I could play any instrument it would be…

If I could be the best in the world at one thing it would be….

If I could speak any forgeign language it would be…

My dream wardrobe…

My ideal diet….

My ideal workout schedule….

My ideal surroundings…..

If I could heal the world…

If I didn’t need money I would spend my days…

Come  up with a few of your own! Sometimes the biggest problems in life are solved by asking the right questions. This creativity exercise can help you come up with some creative questions about your life that could shift things around at a deep level.

In Joy!


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