Daily Raw Inspiration – What do Raw Fooders REALLY Eat?

If you like quick, delicious recipes with incredible new flavor combinations, then here’s great news.

I’ve just arranged a super package of complimentary gifts for you…. from Nomi Shannon, best-selling author of The Raw Gourmet. Now let me explain…

Nomi got 48 raw fooders (Including me!) to keep meticulous food journals for an entire week. Then she compiled these journals, along with recipes and personal information, into her groundbreaking new book, “What Do Raw Fooders Eat?”

When she asked me to tell you about the book, I said “Hold on, you’ve got to give my subscribers some great content first… so they can see what great stuff you have.” Well you’ll never believe what I’ve arranged for you!

When you click the special link below, you’ll get three of Nomi’s recipe books (worth $21.00!) full of mouth-watering recipes for raw smoothies, soups, dressings and sauces). Plus, a free chapter from “What Do Raw Fooders Eat?”

Click here to get your Free eBooks!

Since the book hasn’t been released publicly yet, you’ll be among the very first to preview it.

In Joy!

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