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If you’re thinking of participating in our next 28 Day Raw Experience, ideally you’d sign up before Monday, when the optional Prep Week begins. To prepare yourself mentally and physically for the 28 Day Raw Transition Program, read the Prep Week eBook in your materials download package. Community Forum invites will be sent out the following weekend, so Prep Week is a solo effort. Not essential to the Program, it still ensures you have your materials and are ready to start on Day 1, so it makes the orientation easier, giving you a head-start in many ways.

I should let you know that I’m thinking of changing the name of the 28 Day Transition to Raw Program to the 28 Day Raw Experience because some people understandably think that a raw transition program involves some cooked foods, whereas ours does not include any cooked foods. Originally, in our Garden Diet eBook we had outlined some plans for transition diets that included a few cooked vegan dishes, but we have now realized that The Garden Diet is a 100% raw vegan diet that has proven to be a good transition diet in itself, without the need for cooked foods at all. If you’d like to join in, but would like to transition with cooked foods, that’s another good reason to sign up this weekend and do the Prep Week, which has outlines of ways to prepare for the 28 day Program that do include some cooked meals.

Just to avoid any confusion with the two names of the 28 Day Program, we only have one 28 Day Program which is the 28 Day Transition-to-Raw Program AKA The 28 Day Raw Experience. If you’ve already signed up for our 28 Day Program in the past, you’ll receive an invite next weekend to join in at no cost on this upcoming session starting July 25th.

If you’ve signed up for our 21 Day Raw Cleanse, that’s a different Program. Our next 21 Day Cleanse starts August 22nd. The Programs are currently running consecutively back-to-back to serve as an ongoing raw support program for the many people who opt to stay on the programs continually for the support, menu plans, community, workouts, simplicity, and camaraderie they supply. Both of our Programs always come with lifetime memberships so that people can take advantage of this ongoing raw support system. Also, there is so much information in these Programs, and there are so many modules, that we’ve found it just takes most people more than one run-through to absorb it all.

The Garden Diet Programs consist of the 28 Days Raw Program and the 21 Day Raw Cleanse, both 100% raw-vegan, fresh-food based Programs that come with complete menu plans with coordinated shopping lists, a workout plan including online workout videos, and an inspiration component that addresses emotional needs through daily journaling, motivational reading, and happiness exercises.

If you’d like to learn more about The Garden Diet Programs and see feedback from previous participants, visit the Programs’ individual websites at;

http://28DaysRaw.com – starts July 25th
http://21DaysRaw.com – starts August 22nd

For more about the philosophy behind the Programs I’d like to give you a link to our eBook, 3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss: http://thegardendiet.com/3keys/

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
– Confucious

In Joy!

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2 Responses to Daily Raw Inspiration – The Garden Diet Programs Explained

  1. Jinjee says:

    I will re-send you the materials!

  2. Felishia Iwenjiora says:

    I would like to try again and join the 28 day raw transition(Experience) again. I have moved from New York to North Carolina. I just could not continue with the instructions previously. My life was to busy at the time. Would you please reinstruct me on how to access the menu and recipes. I am getting the e-mails but due to time constraints I have reached other blogs and websites that don’t list the recipes. I get the menu. Would you please add the recipe site of the week in blue to each menu list below?

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