Daily Raw Inspiration – Start of Summer Detox

The 21 Day Cleanse Start-of-Summer Session starts on Monday July 4th! Sign up before this Monday to take advantage of the optional Prep Week to get yourself psyched up and ready to go, and to get the Early Bird Special, which also ends this Monday. Enjoy our supportive online community for fun and connectedness that makes the journey into raw living so much easier. You’ll love our raw menu plan designed by Storm, and now that it is summer, the freshest ingredients are available everywhere. Farmer’s Markets around the country are bursting with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, the foods structured by nature for our greatest good. This will be the last session to enjoy Koya’s workouts as we have new workouts coming next season. With attention to the emotional side of going raw and making healthy dietary changes, our program has been phenomenally successful for hundreds of participants! You can meet some of them on our site here: http://21DaysRaw.com

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.
– anonymous

In Joy!

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