Daily Raw Inspiration – Safe Snacking Strategies

Jicama (pronounced Hi-ca-ma) found in most grocery stores, tastes like an apple without as much sweetness, with a fresh, crisp and filling, water-rich texture!

Snacking Strategies…If you know for a fact that you walk in to the kitchen every half an hour searching for a nibble of something whether out of habit, boredom, or just the need for a break, you need a strategy to make sure that this doesn’t turn in to a massive sampling of all kinds of foods that add up to a meal of things that don’t go together. This kind of open-cupboard snacking can add up to much more food than we think, as we don’t see it laid out on a plate all at once. A good strategy is to have something prepared that you allow yourself to eat during those impulse snack times. Some examples would be one of the following: cucumber, jicama, celery, carrot or bell pepper sticks, a couple of olives, apple slices, a banana, a few strawberries, seaweed and cashews, orange juice ice cubes, or even a quart of green smoothie that you can serve yourself a glass of whenever you find yourself in front of the fridge. The idea is to prepare something to have on hand that will satisfy the grazing instinct without damage. Then snacking becomes a planned, relaxing activity rather than a random, haphazard event that feels out-of-control, leads to feeling bad about ourselves, and that can then lead to even more mindless snacking!


What are your Safe Snacking Strategies?

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In Joy!


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