Daily Raw Inspiration – Reframing Raw

It is silly to beat ourselves up for slipping. Humans slip. In a cooked society a raw person is swimming upstream. So give yourself a break. From a positive mind-state, you’ll more quickly find your way back to the healthy habits you are dedicated to.

At the same time, slipping with really bad foods is silly too. A few moments of pleasure eating something like potato chips or pizza is playing Russian roulette with your health. Is a bag of Doritos really worth a stint in your heart? Seriously, if you recall the film Supersize Me, deep fried foods and fast foods like burgers and even fries are foods that you should not even eat once. There’s no such thing as eating junk food in moderation, because junk food is an extreme food; extremely dangerous.

And there’s no need to eat these damaging foods, when there are foods that taste just as delicious and are actually good for you to eat!

Sometimes that glitzy package catches our eye though. And we are lured by the promise of intense flavors or highs. There are foods in the raw world that you can make taste intense and ones that can get you high too.

Learn some savory nut Рvegetable raw entr̩es or snacks and use seasonings like garlic, lemon, onion powder, salt and oil to duplicate the savory flavors of cooked foods.

You can get an energizing electrical buzz from green juice, green smoothies, and big salads with lots of dark leafy greens! Eat fruit for a day or two for an amazing “mental clarity” high. The longer you are raw, the more sensitive you become to foods, and you’ll notice how each type of raw food makes you feel. You are able to dial in your food to match your energy needs for the day.

“It’s all in the presentation”. Plate your food to look delicious, take time out to sit at a beautifully laid table, or in a beautiful spot outside and give your meal your full attention, relishing every bite.

Reframe your relationship to raw foods and make them your comfort foods, your quick snacks, your satisfying dinners, your healthy starts, your pick-me-ups, and your wind-me-downs!

Soon you won’t miss the junk foods. You’ll walk through the store and you won’t even notice the shiny packages, won’t acknowledge them as food or as something relevant to your life!

In Joy!

House in Oregon

Want a house on 5 acres in Oregon with a home-schooling raw vegan family as neighbors? Our good friends have this home and land for sale right next to theirs, and envision a mini-raw-community. Email me if you are interested!

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One Response to Daily Raw Inspiration – Reframing Raw

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you soooo much for posting this article. I read and love your articles, but this one was special for me. I keep “beginning” to do high raw, then fall off in a day or less. This article reminded me how I really need to stop eating the SAD. In fact, I just had fries today! I won’t beat myself up ’cause I know it’s a process. With all that said, I have your Garden Diet e-book and I have to say that it’s the most practical of the dozens of e-books on raw that I own! I don’t have any equipment, other than a regular blender and knife, but your book helps show how this way of life can be done easily and practically. Thank you both so very, very much for sharing this information : )

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