Daily Raw Inspiration – Rebecca's Story

I’m very excited that Rebecca Covington, one of our Program Participants has posted a public blog about her experiences on the 21 Day Cleanse! Here’s an excerpt below from her Blog from Day 18….

I have to say, for once in my life, I did NOT start a diet this time with weight loss as the main focus.  So how ironic is it that even though I thought I could stand to lose five or six pounds, TWELVE has melted off?  I haven’t been at this weight (124) since my wedding in 1984!  I remember my weight that day exactly (don’t all women?)

Nope – I started this for the emotional balance and spiritual awareness and have gotten loads of that in spades.  But still….how fun is it to lose a significant amount of weight?  Very.
So what’s up?  I remember reading one woman’s blog here – I can’t remember who – where she said that she dropped down to a size that surprised her, a size that apparently her body is most comfortable with. I’m wondering if this is what happens when we leave the body to “do its thang” without a bunch of junk in it.  It just recalibrates and decides what it’s happy with.

Here’s the complete Blog of Rebecca’s day-to-day experience on the 21 Day Cleanse that is just ending today! Rebecca Covington’s Blog

Rebecca and many others on the Program will be going on to the 28 Days Raw session starting tomorrow (Monday!). We are running both programs, the 21 Day Cleanse and 28 Days Raw back-to-back continuously now, so that people can stay on the programs as long as they like for ongoing raw support! People find that having a menu plan and the supportive online community, weekly conference calls, daily workouts, and motivational reading and instructions helps greatly with going raw and staying raw! You can join in tomorrow and become a part of this vibrant community here: http://28DaysRaw.com

In Joy!

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