Daily Raw Inspiration – Raw Vegan Hot Pants

Raw Vegan Hot Pants does 21 Days Raw Cleanse from The Garden Diet

Raw Vegan Hot Pants

Would you like to hear what it is like to go on our 21 Day Raw Cleanse? Well, a young female athlete who is known as “Raw Vegan Hot Pants” did it, and blogged about the experience!


Here’s an excerpt from her Blog:

I wasn’t necessarily expecting crazy results with the raw cleanse, but it worked out really well for me!

My weight did go down — something I wasn’t sure I wanted to have happen as an athlete — but my strength has measurably gone up. Perfect for my goal of increasing my strength-to-weight ratio. My husband has noticed that I’m losing my belly fat, and I’ve received compliments that I ‘look good’ and ‘look ripped’. Awesome! And of course, I’ve loved the food, and being reintroduced to great fruits and veggies (and new ways to combine them).

For those concerned about weight loss numbers: from doing the 7 Days Raw and 21 Day Raw Cleanse consecutively, I’ve had a total weight loss of 6.4 lbs. From what I can tell, I’ve been losing fat and not muscle.

The meal plans and shopping lists made everything easy to follow through on. I honestly didn’t even want to cheat (aside from one social situation where someone had made a point of telling me that what they had cooked was vegan — and even then, I wanted to indulge out of politeness’ sake, not because I wanted to eat cooked food). I am feeling wonderful physically, and mentally I’m feeling quite happy (the little less than perfect things in life are bothering me less). I’m also getting to sleep very quickly, and sleeping soundly.

The provided workouts in the program were great additions to my usual workout routine (weightlifting and building running endurance, as well as roller derby practices) when I wanted more movement, and had a nice range (from longer yoga workouts to short high intensity interval training).

I’m sure I’ll think of other things to post on my experience so far, but for now I’m getting ready to dive into the 28 Days Transition to Raw program. I’ll keep you posted!

Scroll down on her Blog page (link below) to read more and to see her gorgeous Before and Afters (which also explain her screen name)!

In Joy!

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  1. Sherl says:

    You have made this very was with the recipes attached and the well written instructions to follow. But the greatest help has been the blogs which seem to mirror what I am thinking as I go through this raw conversion. Or, is it that you peeped in my window and saw that bag of Doritoes I bought for football game night. I ate them and it wasn’t worth it. I am learning to try new fruits and veggies – raw beets and jicama! Who knew I’d like them? Now I add all kinds of veggies to my salads whether they are the “usual” salad items or not. And after one week, even the smell of cooked meat seems odd. My energy is up and the various veggies and fresh herbs explode in my mouth. Fresh cilantro, dill and basil! Wow!

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