Daily Raw Inspiration – New Cleanse, 40 lbs. Lost, Personalized Raw Diet Plan

Happy August 1st! Three weeks from today on August 22nd we begin our next 21 Day Raw Cleanse! http://21DaysRaw.com

Here is a message that one of our participants posted in the 21 Day Cleanse community:

Greetings all!
I went to my 30 Year class reunion over the weekend. I have not seen many of these people in the 30 years since we left school. I just wanted to say that I am glad I went raw and have lost 40 lbs since January. Most of my classmates did not know who I was at first. I was the thinnest person there -wow, that felt good! I was fat almost my entire time I was in school, so being the thinnest was a nice change of pace. I shared what I had been doing to lose weight, so I am hoping some of them will try it. It is too much of a waste of your life being fat and miserable (like I was).
Happy eating/living,

L has been successfully raw for half a year as a lifetime member of our 2 “Go Raw” Programs, The 21 Day Cleanse and the 28 Days Raw Experiences. You can now sign up for our 2-Program Early Bird Special and get our 16 raw food eBooks free! You’ll also be getting a ton of new mini-eBooks on the science of raw, raw beauty, keys to emotional health, deep cleansing-breath exercises, dry skin brushing, practical tips for positive thinking, and much more! Our 100% raw vegan menu plan will teach you how to make tacos, sushi, noodles, soup, burgers, carob milk, apple pie, submarine sandwiches, and 4 weeks’ worth of really simple and delicious recipes using no dehydrating, but only fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds! Our new workout videos include interval training for rapid fat burning. We do our 2 Programs back-to-back continuously, so when you sign up for our two programs you get a lifetime of ongoing raw support! It is really an incredible deal! We have seen people transform their lives through participating in these programs, and I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of this very special raw support network! You can read their stories and see their before and afters as well as sign up here: http://21DaysRaw.com

Personalized Raw Lifestyle Plan: Today we are also accepting 4 individuals who Storm and I will work with one-on-one over the course of 6 months to tailor a complete individualized raw food diet, lifestyle and exercise plan. We understand that one raw food diet does not necessarily fit all. As our body comes in to greater balance through a raw food diet, our particular dietary needs shift throughout this gradual transition. Through a process of learning how to listen to your body’s messages, you can adjust your diet for optimum health so that staying with your unique plan becomes almost effortless. This private support plan is a $10,000 value that we are offering for $2000. If interested please email us a bit about yourself and what you would hope to achieve on this program at jinjeetalifero@gmail.com — Please type “Personalized Raw Lifestyle Plan” in the subject field.

In Joy!

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  1. Kitso says:

    Would like to find out more about the raw lifestyle.

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