Daily Raw Inspiration – Jinjee's Raw Cleanse Interview by Raw Food Diet Magazine

I had the good fortune to have been interviewed by Raw Food Diet Magazine about Raw Food for Cleansing! Here is the beginning of that interview, just published today, with a link to continue reading on the RFDM site…

The following is an interview with Jinjee Talifero. She is a long-term raw vegan mother to five home-birthed, home-schooled raw-vegan children and lives with her family in the mountains of Southern California. Her husband Storm, who has been raw for 40 years, is the inspiration behind her successful raw food programs in which she shares his balanced and sustainable menu plan and “Fresh is Best” philosophy of raw food.

Jinjee is the author of several raw food eBooks including Raw Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birth and Raising Raw Children.

Raw Food Cleanse

She sends her Daily Raw Inspiration email to over 22,000 readers and runs the 21 Day Raw Cleanse and the ’28 Day Transition to Raw Program’.

RFDM: First off, what is the purpose of raw food?

Jinjee: The purpose of raw food is to provide a diet that is pretty much free of toxins, that consists entirely of foods that were designed by nature, that are structured by the intelligence of the universe, unharmed by heat. The benefits range from weight loss to anti-aging and rejuvenation to healing.

It is important to eat fresh, raw foods because these foods have nutrients. When you cook your foods, you destroy the nutrients. Do you want your food with or without the nutrients? Many people are relying on supplements for nutrients. However, the nutrients in supplements are synthesized from plants; they aren’t the real thing. When you absorb a nutrient from a supplement, it can block the absorption of that same nutrient from food because you only need a certain amount of it. There are micronutrients in foods that have yet to be discovered. We are starting to find electrolytes and phytonutrients, and we keep discovering new vitamins. Only by eating the actual food can you be sure you are getting everything you are supposed to be getting in the way of nutrients. If you choose to get your nutrients from fresh organic produce, you are also supporting the organic farming revolution and you are helping to create a garden planet.

raw food cleanse In my view, a lot of the misery on our world comes from the fact that we are far more technologically advanced than we are spiritually advanced. As we start to take in most of our food from fresh organic produce then we will be connecting with the planet and each other in a way that seems to awaken us spiritually. Many people start eating raw and find themselves happier, more aware, drawn to prayer, meditation, yoga, communion, deeper connections in their relationships, a consciousness of the health of the planet, and so on.

Read the complete interview at Raw Food Diet Magazine

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4 Responses to Daily Raw Inspiration – Jinjee's Raw Cleanse Interview by Raw Food Diet Magazine

  1. Jinjee says:

    Not a problem! We have people all over the world participating in the programs http://thegardendiet.com/goraw.html

  2. Jinjee says:

    Thank you for this suggestion! I’m planning a couple of blog posts along these lines in the near future!!

  3. Liz says:

    Can you talk about the kids more? how is beautiful Raven doing as a teenager? Hugs

  4. Lo says:

    Jinjee you and your family are great finding your documentary totally answered the questions that I kept asking me about food, as soon as I get the money needed I will start your programs!
    I have a question, is there a problem if I live in France?
    thank you & goodbye.

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