Daily Raw Inspiration – Ignoring Temptation

Being Present when cooked temptation strikesA good way to stick with your plan to stay on the 100% raw wagon is to throw yourself in to your work! When temptation hits, you need a variety of tools and tricks to keep it at arms length. Prevention is the best way. Keep it from really getting a hold.

Temptation has many phases. It can start as a vague energy at the edge of your consciousness. Then it begins making its suggestions. If at this point you turn your attention elsewhere it can lose its grip. But if at this point you instead engage the temptation in any way, whether entertaining it or even head-on battling it, you will have a harder way to go, and more chance of suffering a crushing defeat.

Whatever you are doing when that first whiff of temptation hits you, throw yourself in to that. If it is work, cleaning, playing, or thinking — embrace what you are doing with all your heart, all your attention, all your focus, and just ignore that little voice. You know the one. Fill your mind with what you are doing instead.

Even if you just speak the words inside your head…”I am washing this lovely dish that just fed my child… I am standing on this beautiful floor… I am driving along this well-known road and missing my friend who moved away… I am answering my emails and I have so many today, but this is fun to hear from these people, what would they be interested in hearing about”

If you can speak some positive words in to what you are doing, great…. but just keep up a mental focus on the present moment, even if seems like it is mundane…there can be profound beauty in the mundane when it is embraced fully. And when you fully live in the present moment it is often quite nice, quite engaging. And you can drown out that other whisper before it becomes a roar.

In Joy!

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2 Responses to Daily Raw Inspiration – Ignoring Temptation

  1. angela camp says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing this, I am currently 7 months pregnant and trying to live a fruitarian lifestyle, but get tripped up eating cooked vegan often. Your advice is not only helpful in that aim but also just a reminder to embrace the present moment.

  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you for writing this! I needed it and reading it gave me a flash of strength to deal with my food and other addiction issues, today!

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