Daily Raw Inspiration – Greens have Love, Mushrooms have B12

Dark leafy greens are the answer to most things in life. I know they say love is the answer to everything. I agree. And dark leafy greens are love in an edible form! Learn to love them back. Find ways to incorporate them in to your day, whether in green smoothies, green juices, salads, wraps, gazpacho, paté, or all of the above.

– From the 21 Days Raw Program… http://21DaysRaw.com

Storm has an amazing new dark leafy greens sun-stew recipe, that I will be sharing with you just as soon as I can stop him long enough to write down the recipe! It includes mushrooms, which have now been found to contain vitamin B12! Whoo-hoo!!

Jewels can not be eaten nor gold drunk. What civilization trades, nature simply provides.
– Magic: The Gathering Cards

In Joy!

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