Daily Raw Inspiration – Gladiators were Vegan

Here’s an interesting video showing that the Roman Gladiators were vegan. This was determined through a gladiator burial site where many bones were recently found and tested. Gladiators were also sometimes called Barley-men as they ate a lot of barley. As other Romans were not vegans during this time, it is interesting how different media interpreted these findings. Some said the gladiators were poor and had to eat lots of carbs to get a layer of fat to withstand the gladitorial games. But Dr. McDougall in this video says that they ate vegan foods for the superior strength and athletic performance it gave them.

Watch the video here:

What do you think?

In Joy!

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2 Responses to Daily Raw Inspiration – Gladiators were Vegan

  1. zoran says:

    well the way I see it this is just another proof gluten causes brain inflammation which precipitates dissociation and potential for brutal violence.

    • Jinjee says:

      That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard this about gluten before. But I have heard about MSG causing uncontrollable urges of violence in rats in an excellent book called Excitotoxins by neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock.

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