Daily Raw Inspiration – Essential Raw Vegan Foods

The raw food diet works so well because it is fresh, alive, and is structured by the intelligence of nature without any tampering with by man and our drying, dehydrating, heating, boiling, extracting, powdering and all the other things we do to foods to give them a longer shelf life. Many companies are taking advantage of the raw trend to sell things that are easy for them to sell because they store and ship well. These so-called-superfoods are often devoid of life force, worthless, addictive, expensive, and harmful. Before raw food became such a huge movement, we all used to talk about the actual power of real foods. Remember those? The real superfoods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts, and when you eat these truly natural foods then you will return to your natural shape, beauty and vitality!

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In Joy!

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6 Responses to Daily Raw Inspiration – Essential Raw Vegan Foods

  1. Jinjee says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    The lack of water draws on the water in your body to re-hydrate the food so it can come out soft through the bowels. So, yeah, that’s the main problem. The other issue for me is that it is tempting to eat it instead of a piece of fruit so I think it would make a large part of my diet no longer “fresh” if I owned a dehydrator. They say dehydrated food still has enzymes but I can feel the difference; I feel heavy and lower energy after eating dehydrated foods. Granted, it can be a good thing for those transitioning to raw foods, and to help kids transition.

  2. Jinjee says:

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Jinjee, this really is inspirational. :)
    Do you consider dehydrated food “processed”? I suppose it would be… But do you know of any disadvantages to consuming dehydrated foods, aside from their lack of water? I think they can be a fun way to incorporate more raw foods into the diet, but maybe that’s more for those in transition, who need the familiarity of comfort foods like crackers & bread…

  4. Reno says:

    Hi Jinjee,

    I agree for the most part, yet I think it’s important to keep an open mind. As in the Herbal kingdom, many of the foods in nature are not conducive to good health if taken on a daily basis, yet they have tremendous medicinal effects if used wisely. The herbs that can be used on a daily basis are called tonic herbs, so perhaps to continue the comparison, we can look at our staple raw plant based foods as tonic plant foods. In addition, most nutritional experts would agree that the following categories of foods contain many superfoods: microalgae, seaweed, pollens, and fermented foods. Also of notable mention are the fungi, especially the tree mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, & Shiitake. I have recently discovered that Chaga, besides being an adaptogen, immunity herb & cancer fighter has incredible effects on the nervous system. It really enhances my tai chi and meditation. Hope you consider this and post some of it for your readers. Thanks.

  5. Jinjee says:

    I like that analogy! :)
    …I don’t know anything about e3Live and Brain ON — we’re an experiment in getting all our nutrients from food! :)

  6. Dorit says:

    Brava Jinjee! I am in agreement with this.
    I also find it interesting that we confer the same competition that we humans seem to so thrive on to the plant kingdom as well by dubbing some of them super foods. As if all of them are not egually valuable!
    Please note that I consider E3Live and Brain ON as food and not a supplement.
    Thanks so mcu for your “clean & simple” approach Jinjee.

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