Daily Raw Inspiration – Craving Sweets, Preparing for Pregnancy

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Re. Sweet Cravings, Pregnancy…

Hi Jinjee,
I am craving sweets like crazy and yesterday i ate an entire box of dates, stuffed with walnuts…When I try to eliminate sugars, I start craving them even more and the result is that I start binge eating… cooked food…During the day everything goes well, I stick with the program, make lovely meals, but in the evening the eating starts…I really really really want to find balance in myself and in my body and I want to loose some about 10 lbs.. In a year I would like to start to try to get pregnant and I want to prepare my body the best I can and to make it a clean environment for a baby to grow in.
Do you have any tips for me??

Dear C,
The cure for this is to eat a big salad every day. You will find that the more dark leafy greens you eat, whether in salads, green smoothies, or green juices, the more you will lose your cravings for sweets. Don’t worry so much about forcing yourself not to eat the sweets, just make sure you eat those greens! Once you get in to the habit of eating greens, you will start to crave more of them and like them more, and this will get you in great shape for your pregnancy. Also, if you don’t already, get in a daily exercise habit. And eat lots of raspberries!

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5 Responses to Daily Raw Inspiration – Craving Sweets, Preparing for Pregnancy

  1. Louise says:

    Hi I’m pregnant and want to go raw, what things should I make sure I eat and what should I avoid please?
    I’ve looked on the Internet but there seems very little advice on raw pregnancies.

    Louise xxx

  2. Teresa says:

    Ooops! EVOO… Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

  3. Adele' says:

    I’d Definitely eat an Avocado everyday too! You can add it to your salads! ;)
    Since you did home unassisted births… How did you get a Birth Certificate and Social Security Card for your babies? …Just read your pregnancy ebook! Very inspiring! :)

  4. Jinjee says:

    Will have to look up EVOO as this is the second time I’m hearing about it…Good protein sources are soaked chickpeas and nuts!

  5. Teresa says:

    Cravings for sweets is generally a sign of an increased need for protein in the body and when that need isn’t met, a person will generally end up binging in the evening. Make sure you pack your morning hours with higher protein foods and include food with a quality fat content as well. Some excellent choices would be apples and a nut butter, a green smoothie with some EVOO added or some Quinoa with lots of fruit added and topped with some flax or nut meal. Good luck!

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