Daily Raw Inspiration – Anti-Aging Phenom Tonya Zavasta

I just re-visited Tonya Zavasta’s website http://www.beautifulonraw.com for the first time in over a year and wow! She is really rejuvenating!! Beauty is a main focus for Tonya, and the beautifying power of raw foods shows in her face and those of her clients. She is adamant that ugly ducklings at any age can become lovely swans! Yes, genetics is a component in beauty. But there’s more to good looks than cheekbones. Tonya is a wonderful example of how you can improve your appearance and your life on every level by adopting a sensible raw food diet and healthy lifestyle practices. On her site you can see Tonya’s daily beauty routine and her unique tools and techniques for glowing skin, healthy hair and a lean, toned physique. Check out this amazing raw goddess at http://www.beautifulonraw.com

In Joy!

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4 Responses to Daily Raw Inspiration – Anti-Aging Phenom Tonya Zavasta

  1. Jinjee says:

    thanks so much for sharing your amazing story!!!! Don’t worry, on fresh raw foods, the skin will shrink-to-fit! I will check out Tonya’s Quantum Eating….Congrats on the changes!!! Good on you!!!!!

  2. Jinjee says:

    Nice!! thanks for stopping by and posting…It just takes one person to start a little raw movement in any town!

  3. heather says:

    I also have her to thank for all of her contribution the the raw food movement in Memphis, TN my home, where she lived for quite some time.

  4. heather says:

    Tonya is amazing! Her Quantum Eating book helped give me outside confirmation to multiple things on many different levels outside of this physical reality(hologram). Having read her other books, I plan on giving copy sets to those such as my mother whom is in bad health, and others I feel could better benefit and be inspired in their older ages, perhaps having given up hope.
    I experienced obesity at a young age and over the past four years was able to lose 90lbs while slowly including more and more raw foods into my diet.
    My skin shows more than its age due to this but at twenty years old and feeling more alive and comfortable in my body than ever before, people like you and Tonya give me hope after my long struggle I still can and will change as I include more balance towards a lifestyle which encourages that philosophy Fresh is Best.

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