Daily Raw Inspiration – Addicted to Addiction

Cooked Food Addiction

Mother of all Addictions

We are all comfortably used to being addicted; to having something we crave and then satisfying that craving. Cooked food is the mother of all addictions, and when you kick it all your other addictions fade away too.

But it can be a strangely disquieting feeling to not have any addictions when you have been hooked on something all your life! It is my belief that most of us are in fact addicted to addiction!

Sometimes when we first go raw, or when we take our raw diet to a new level, we have moments when we might feel ungrounded, without purpose and a little empty, and in these moments we might feel a slight sense of panic.

When this happened to me today I was able to identify the source of the feeling and simply come in to the awareness that I am not addicted to anything. This awareness then allowed me to shift in to being ecstatically happy about my freedom from addiction!

If you find yourself in this sometimes overwhelmingly light space, relish the sensation, take a deep breath and enjoy that amazing feeling of abundant potential and possibility that is yours for the creating in!

Do you ever feel like you are in need of  a new anchor without your addictions to dictate the course of your day? How do you handle this?

(Look at the picture of Lourdes with her Butterfly Wings on to the right! How appropriate! She is addiction-free and ready to fly!)

In Joy!

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6 Responses to Daily Raw Inspiration – Addicted to Addiction

  1. Maria says:

    Hi Jinjee, I have been transitioning over to raw food and have noticed that my addictions around food, alcohol and other addictive behaviors have calmed down. I had an eating disorder for over 20 years and have been on the road to recovery for the past 5 years ‘thank God’. My concern was swapping one addiction for another as I have always felt I needed some comfort or crutch to get through life but since I have been eating a lot more raw food I am not experiencing the cravings. I am left feeling empty but I know that shall also pass. Thanks for highlighting how addictions can be overcome. Maria

  2. Hi Jinjee! Hi! I’m Jessie :) I have been following your blog and receiving emails for a while now and just had to say hello finally, and perhaps if possible get some dialogue going with regards to the differences you noticed between being raw vegan and cooked vegan.

    I have been what is known as a “Vegan Nutritarian” (only eating nutrient dense whole foods comprised of fruits, veggies nuts, seeds and beans; gluten free, no processed food, oil, sugar or salt) for a little over two years now, it absolutely changed my life for the better and has allowed me to get into peak physical fitness, dropping about 55 lbs when all was said and done in addition to relieving a host of medical problems from a sleep disorder to migraines and more. It has been a year almost since I have had even the tiniest slip up, I consider myself immune from ever going back to how I was before, I feel so much better than how I felt. There is a “but” here.

    I have noticed how my body responds to the cooked food I eat versus the raw food, and I do feel a bit more tired/heavy after the cooked and energized/refreshed after the raw. I have wondered what it would be like to go completely raw, but not eating any oils, sugars or salt cuts out a ton of the recipes for me! That and I eat a ton of beans in homemade soup for health, and cannot imagine getting rid of them! In your experience, I am very curious to find the physiological differences/improvements you noticed upon going from cooked vegan to raw vegan. Considering that I already eat very healthily, what kinds of improvements above my “happy place” I am at now, should I expect? I never considered my cooked veggies addictive, but rather the processed foods, animal products, chemical “foods”, and isolated oils and sugars removed from their natural fiber containing sources. I would love to hear your take on this, if ever you have the inspiration! If you are too busy, just know I do truly enjoy your writings and appreciate all that your family does, living in the public eye so to speak, to help others. Thank you kindly <3 That's a huge sacrifice.


    • Jinjee says:

      Thanks for writing Jessie! It sounds like you have found something that works for you overall, so there may be no reason to change. However, since you also like the extra energy you get from raw foods, maybe you could do one or two raw meals a day, and your cooked meal for one or two meals a day, so you can get the best of both worlds. Some people actually do better with this than on all-raw. However, for me, 100% raw-vegan feels very different from cooked vegan — I have so much more energy and look much younger very quickly. But I do the oil/salt/honey. So maybe the difference wouldn’t be as extreme for you. How do you flavor your beans without salt?

  3. OlaOmi says:

    I give thanks for finding this in my inbox this morning. I experienced this feeling of limbo this summer when I was raw for a while and did not associate it with not eating depleted foods and with the lack of addictions in my life. I also found that once you are no longer stuffing your emotions down with food or other addictions you emote more freely. So after years of being a strong, silent type I began to cry when things hurt me. THis was disconcerting at first and I thought something was wrong with me but after meditation and deep thought I realized it was just normal emoting, its normal to cry when something hurts you…imagine that

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