Cycles of Health and Love

Artwork by Raven Talifero

Artwork by Raven Talifero

Here is an excerpt from the Happiness Module of my 28 Days Raw Program….

Day 17 Happiness Exercise / Motivational Reading

Cycles of Health and Love

Ah, the chicken and the egg!! Which comes first, healthy eating, healthy
exercise, or happiness? Well, as they are a cycle, you can actually
punch in at any point in the cycle!

You can start by eating healthy. Suddenly the pain in your knees is gone or you have more energy. You can exercise again. You get happy! So you eat healthier, exercise more, get happier, etc…

Or you can start by exercising. Suddenly the life energy is flowing
through you again. You naturally make better food choices to
support that life energy. The result is happiness, then better food
choices, then more exercise, and the cycle is moving again…

Or you might start by finding yourself happy. You enjoy this happiness and
let it dictate better food choices. This leads to exercise, which leads
to more happiness, which leads to better food choices, and you are up, up,
and away!

And then suddenly you find something has shifted. You suddenly
love exercise, because now you really want to live. And so
eating well becomes easy. And so, you find you are happy. And it is a
beautiful upward spiral that leads to life more abundantly!

the HEALTH Cycle:

1. Eating Healthy
2. Exercising
3. Happiness

It is like a flywheel. It is very heavy to start pushing it, almost
impossible to move it. But you keep pushing, and pushing, and after a
very long hard time of exertion the wheel is now moving, and because it
is so heavy, it gains momentum and starts spinning faster and faster,
and carried forth by its own weight, you don’t even have to touch it
any more, and it is going in perpetual motion.

Likewise it is difficult to start a healthy lifestyle. The flywheel is heavy with bad
habits, negative emotions, weight, and inertia. But you keep fighting
that good fight. You don’t give up. You keep trying. You try different things, new
things, and then you have it! You get that momentum going. Slowly at
first. It just gives you enough energy to try a little harder. And then
you make that breakthrough, and you know you can do it! And scary
though it is, it is happening, and gathering momentum, and a life of
its own!

Embrace life! Do not shrink away in fear of it. Things will start
happening. Your dreams will start coming true. Doors
will start opening. Carrying excess weight is a way for us to retire
from life for a while. Releasing the weight will also entail a return
to life! It is about so much more than just releasing the weight. It is
about love. Loving yourself and your fellow-humans. This too is a
cycle, that will go on simultaneously with the above cycle….


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In Joy!

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