Curse of The Empty Calories

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at

How do I describe the devilish crimes that empty calories are responsible for….

The Double-Trouble with empty calories is…

1. They take up space that could be used for healthy food, healing food, energizing food, and nourishing food which is what that space/time/money/energy is for.

2. They hurt you.

Or put it this way….

1. They harm you.

2. They crowd out the foods that could heal you.

What are Empty Calories…

Empty calories are the calories in foods that have pretty much no nutritional value, as in no nutrients, nothing beneficial for your body. Eating empty calories is like eating flavor without eating food.

Empty Calorie Foods are things like junk food, many processed foods, candy, soda, and even bread, pastry, pasta, crackers, cookies, cakes, etc…These are foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Nutrient Dense foods. These foods have very few calories and are very high in nutrients. They have very few calories per nutrient. They are foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. They pack a lot of nutrients per calorie.

You can only eat so many calories a day without gaining weight. And your body has to work to process the foods you put in it, and that creates waste, which uses energy to get rid of.

So, are you providing your body the nutrients it needs to be able to do the work of digestion? Or are you just providing the work of digestion without paying your organs the coin they need to do their work – nutrients!

[A diet exclusively of] refined sugar is lethal when ingested by humans because it provides only that which nutritionists describe as empty or naked calories. In addition, refined sugar is worse than nothing because it drains and leeches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification, and elimination make upon one’s entire system. – François Magendie 

Develop a taste for more than just sweet foods or salty foods. There are subtle flavors in bitter herbs that are really delightful! Develop your palate, like an aficionado of fine wines, for the delicate bouquet of vegetables of all kinds. Your body only needs so much sugar, the rest it turns to fat.

When you choose empty calories (say, ice cream) over nutrient-dense calories (like a salad) you are using up your eating-time and your eating-space and your eating-money (your resources). You are drawing on your resources without putting anything back in the system. You are creating an addiction or a habit of eating empty calories. And you are draining your system of resources, which will first make you tired and then, if you continue down that path, sick. (Plus, without feeding your brain nutrients, you will continue to make poor decisions about what to eat!)

If it all sounds too complicated and difficult, it doesn’t have to be! It really is possible to have a satisfying and delicious diet made from foods that are nutrient dense! One of the most nutrient-dense diets in the world is the raw food diet. And the menu plans on my raw programs are as balanced and easy as a raw vegan diet can be! – and more delicious than most people expect or have ever tasted in the world of raw food before! Details:

In Joy!

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