Creating Something to Look Forward To

As I mentioned in my last post, I was allowing myself some cooked foods on occasion but then noticed some food addictions creeping back in to my life. Well, now I’m finding a new way to come back to a healthy path with eating. When I crave something I know isn’t good for me right now, I just put it off.

Storm has been doing this for ages, successfully putting off his cooked cravings for decades now, five minutes at a time! Most cravings only last for five minutes. Although it can feel terrifying to deny ourselves an addictive craving, it is not so scary to just put it off.

And now this is working really well for me too! I just tell myself I can have the craved item in a few days or a week, after I’m done with some particular task. This actually silences the frightened part in me that fears I’m going to withhold the craved item. Its like I can handle waiting, no problem. My mind is pacified by this future thought of indulgence, and I can move on, and stop thinking about it.

So, I’m learning once again that the mind is a tricky thing, full of games. And to embrace that instead of fighting it, and just play some tricks back on the mind, like this one, seems a good thing. It may not be getting to the heart of the problem, but I think it can help one gain some clarity and strength along the way to healing the unloved places within.

It is nice to have something to look forward to. I will add some healthy things to look forward to in this way too, like a beautiful hike, a new water bottle, or some raspberries. And I’ll continue to put off the unhealthy things and enjoy the healthy things until the fulcrum of my momentum shifts and I’m in the mode of making more consistent healthy choices again.

But I think that to expect perfection of myself would be unhealthy. That’s what leads to beating ourselves up — the worst form of abuse! This time in my life, right now, is about learning about balance and moderation…that’s what I’ve realized. That a really strict thought-form about food was causing me to become rigid in my thinking about other things in life. And that having just this little bit of letting go of all that, is helping my mind to loosen up and be able to think more creatively about other things, like it is almost helping me to be more flowing spiritually.

My commitment to myself has shifted from being committed to being 100% raw to being committed to being healthy and happy. I didn’t do this on purpose. It just happened. And it seems a really positive shift for me. Now I totally trust that even when I stray from the 100% raw path, I am all about my greatest well-being, and it is just something I have to explore, or learn from, or learn to forgive myself for.

It is amazing what positive thinking, gratitude can do! The same situation, viewed negatively, would cause even greater un-health. But with a commitment to positivity, to thinking happy thoughts, the path towards getting back on track is so much quicker and easier!

It is amazing what commitment can do. The moment you commit to doing something healthy, your whole energy changes, the Universe conspires to support you, and you actually start to feel better right away! Somehow it becomes easier to do things that seemed impossible before.

It has happened that once I made a re-commitment to be raw in a strange environment that food sources would open up to me; farmers, stores, new sections in stores, gifts, a garden plot…

I guess it is like they say in positive thinking books, you don’t worry about the HOW you are going to get there… Just focus on the WHAT, the goal, and trust that the HOW will take care of itself. The commitment is the important part. Then just let go and trust you are on the way!

In Joy!
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5 Responses to Creating Something to Look Forward To

  1. Tamara says:

    Dear Jinjee,
    Thanks for talking about the struggle with craving. I had many of those too. I’m transitioning to vegetarian for the first time this year 2011. You and Storm are an inspiration.

  2. leslie says:

    Jinjee, your comments are extremely helpful to me. I have “fallen off the wagon”, so-to-speak and have bullied myself a little about it. I am trying so hard to reach a goal I have set for myself and must give myself time to reach it. Tricking my mind just mind work…lol! thx!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Well said/written. You have such a positive outlook and it is very contagious.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  4. Jessica says:

    Lovely! Thanks Jinjee.

  5. Dear Jinjee!
    Thank you very much for this shering. I understand you so much! I stragled and torture myself for years with food, first being vegetarian 10 years, then frutarian 6 month (cravings make me crazy in this days,ha,ha,ha),then again on cooked food – eating everything including meat again!,then again on raw food for 2 years – 70,80 %, and again cooked food and now I finaly find peace in 100 % raw food (maybe some goat cheese her and there)…but the point is in you words : “…committed to being healthy and happy!” In my opinion that’s the key. To BE healthy and happy.
    Thank you again for all inspired,loving,sincere,positive and above all healthy thots and words.

    with love
    Emmanuel Manu

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