Core of Garlic Toxic

Image by Carlos Porto at

Image by Carlos Porto at

How to remove the core of the clove

Garlic has many medicinal and health benefits, but also many toxins. Turns out the toxins are in the core of each clove. Simply remove the core and you get the benefits of garlic without the drawbacks!

Cut the garlic clove lengthwise. You’ll see a section in the middle of one or both halves that you can easily pop out or pull out. In younger garlic it is greenish. In older garlic you might need to cut it out. You can see the lines where it is defined.

I used to get white bumps in my tonsils when I ate garlic, which does not happen at all since I began removing the core.

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  1. Kenan says:

    Just watched your documentary I love what you guys doing and looking forward to read books and materials that you have.

  2. Diana Thomas says:

    I’d like to get further information on the wells of garlic.

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