Consciousness Is Attractive

Jinjee, New Year's Day 2010

Jinjee, New Year's Day 2010

I am no beauty queen, but I realize now that I have been somewhat attractive to certain people. And I also realize that the people I am attracted to are not typically beautiful either. I think I have realized what the nature of the attraction has been. Here’s the thing for us beauty seekers to understand: I believe that consciousness itself is very attractive!

I am not the most conscious person in the world, but even the little level of consciousness that I have grown into gives me a certain gravity, I believe. Gravity is a good word, because consciousness is a potentially infinite thing, and the bigger your consciousness, the more gravitational pull you would have.

Consciousness is probably one of those words that means different things to different people. It could have a billion different meanings. To some it might mean God, The Universe, Cosmic Mind, the Collective Consciousness of All Mankind, caring about the greater good of all beings, being in touch with love, truth, the intense wonder of every moment of life.

There are so many different things to be conscious of. One person might be considered conscious because they are conscious of what is really going on in the world politically, another might be conscious about the true nature of health, another about deeper levels of spirituality. We’re all conscious of something. Hopefully at least we are all conscious as in somewhat awake some of the time.

But maybe the more awake you are, the more conscious. It is like consciousness is the health of your spirit. If you are fit in body, you vibrate at a high rate and that is attractive. If you are fit in spirit, you vibrate at a high rate and that is attractive too. And I think the path to becoming more and more awake would be a different path for each of us….We would have to follow our own heart’s or God-within-our-heart’s leadings.

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