Coming Off a Binge


Sometimes when people do diets, they go on binges now and then. I’ve found a good way to end a binge. Sometimes when on a downward spiral you find that you are eating worse and worse foods and less and less good foods.

Now, you can get away with eating some bad food if you have the good fiber-rich vegetables and cleansing fruits cleaning out your system regularly. But once you stop eating those foods and don’t drink enough water, things can go downhill really quickly.

One of the things you might find yourself doing is trying to get yourself to eat a healthy salad but feeling too full to do so. My solution is to force-feed myself the salad. If I can stuff in unhealthy foods when I’m full – just for the flavor – then why not stuff in healthy foods when I’m full – just for the health of it! It could be that making that one step in a healthy direction could turn the tide.

The nutrients could help restore chemical balance so that you can have the mood and clarity to make more frequent, progressively better choices.
In Joy!

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