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The Boy with a Thorn in His Joints

A friend of mine sent me the below heart-breaking, lengthy article from the New York Times that I believe brings up a lot of important issues around health, medication, antibiotics and their relationship to “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, and why dietary … Continue reading

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2012 in Pictures….

More photos from previous years…. In Joy! Jinjee

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10th Annual Back-to-the-Garden Retreat Pics

Ah, it was a wonderful time!! Made me wish we could do retreats forever. This was our final Annual Back-to-the-Garden retreat as Storm needs to dedicate himself to his film productions for the next few years, but in the future … Continue reading

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Raw Since Birth

I know some of you have been following The Garden Diet since we launched in 2001 when Shale was just a year old! Shale just turned 11 years old in December, and here are some photos to chronicle the journey … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Creating Healthy Children

“Creating Healthy Children” is an empowering transformational book that will profoundly improve your family’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In this book, Karen Ranzi guides you on the path to creating happy and healthy children,confident of their disease-free future. … Continue reading

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What Is The Garden Diet?

There are a huge number of different variations on the raw vegan diet theme! On what I call the Social Raw scene you’ve got the Raw Restaurant foods (which often include some cooked condiments), the dehydrated Raw Packaged foods, the … Continue reading

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Photo Highlights of Summer 2010

What an eventful year. Full of challenges and hard work — but this is about the in between times, the much-needed breaks to just be together as a family, in nature, swimming, hiking, doing the things we love to do … Continue reading

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Opposition to Raw / Kids and Protein / Does Everyone Thrive on a Raw Diet?

There is a lot of opposition to raw food out there! Spouses can be a major source of this, as you are threatening their style of life, and totally changing their relationship to you in a way, since food is … Continue reading

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Shale's Snow Sundae

Shale and Adagio make a Snow Sundae….Raw Vegan kids invent their own treats…Here’s the recipe, as told by Shale, age 8 and Adagio, age 5. Many variations possible. Please make only if clean snow is available….

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Some New Photos…

Some new photos…

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Raw Vegan Sailing Retreat

Would you like to see a little movie (video blog) of our sailing retreat last weekend? Part 1 Part 2

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Raw Kids vs. The National Average

I want to use this blog space in part to document our four raw vegan children’s growth and development. I’ll put up their heights and weights periodically.

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