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How Storm Stays 100% Raw

(Update: Scroll down for new pictures) I’ve received some really nice reactions to my blog post “Rawest of them All” which was my response to the “Raw is Dead” article that is circulating around. But I did have one woman … Continue reading

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Top 7 Reasons People Don't Eat Raw

1. Social Cooked food is woven in to the fabric of society. Humans need community to thrive. Eating raw can be socially alienating, thus trading one unhealthy state (toxicity) for another (social ostracism). 2. Detox Many people go raw and … Continue reading

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Eating More May Keep You Young

Some people think that eating really light can keep you young. It is true that eating a third less then “normal” may make your life a full third longer! (based on scientific Calorie Restriction research). But I think you can … Continue reading

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The Garden Diet Story

Our website banner through the years…. “The only sustainable way to get healthier is to remove the causes of disease and apply the causes of health.” We now know that cooked food causes cancer. The FDA have told us the … Continue reading

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My Take on Low Fat Raw Diets

I have a slight issue with low-fat raw diets as fats are essential helpers in our body’s process of absorbing nutrients. A lot of low-fat-raw people look depleted after a couple of years on the diet. I understand that a … Continue reading

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61 Years Old and Still Rawkin!

Here are some photos of Storm doing his workout this morning. After his workout we went for our usual morning walk & business meeting, and today I gave him a surprise video interview about the secrets of his success in … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Discoveries, a new eBook from Storm

I’m excited to announce a new eBook by Storm, called Discoveries, an eBook of insights from a long term raw vegan. Chapters… The Common Sense Diet Science All Early Raw Foodists Included Some Cooked Food Numbers Pitfalls, Scammers and Hoodwinkers … Continue reading

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