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Daydreaming Hacks

No, not hacks to stop daydreaming; hacks to get you daydreaming! See, daydreaming is a good thing. It’s an instant relaxation vacation. it’s visualizing. It’s creating possibilities. It’s increasing your appreciation for potential possibilities, for life. It also improves your … Continue reading

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The Joy Foods Diet

* Do you need more support in sticking to your ideal diet, high-raw diet or 100% raw diet? * Is emotional detox making it difficult to transition to a cleaner diet? * Are you suffering from food addictions, emotional eating, … Continue reading

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Don't Stress, We're All One!

Its going to be OK! We are all so stressed out by modern life – so much to do constantly, the constant flow of bills and expenses, and the running to keep up with it all. I just realized the … Continue reading

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Why Casual Sex is Unhealthy for Women

It is difficult to make healthy choices in regards to diet and exercise if we are making unhealthy relationship choices. I have theories that coincide with those of the woman below… Two molecules once joined can not ever really be … Continue reading

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Don't Think, Just "Do"!

Years ago I heard Deepak Chopra talk, and the one thing I remember from that talk because it struck me as a very relevant truth was that “You create habits through action. You do not create habits through thought”. In … Continue reading

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