Cardio Can Wait

Jinjee raw yogiIn our perfectionism we often want to do things all-or-nothing; all raw or not at all; the perfect workout or none at all. If we don’t achieve perfection at our goals, we abandon them completely. Although a wonderful drive leading us to the best place possible in the long run, perfectionism can really hang us up and shut us down when we forget that we are imperfect beings living on an imperfect world!

I was doing great for a little while with 20 minutes of cardio a day, but then stopped entirely for lack of time and energy to be consistent with it. Today I connected with a new way of moving though. And I realized I don’t have to always do cardio. If you stop your normal exercise routine for whatever reason, just do something else! Cardio has a lot of benefits, but so do other types of movement. Just commit to moving every day. Do some floor exercises, leg lifts, stretches, whatever seems easy – to get yourself moving again; things you can even do while reading a book or magazine! That’s exercising outside the box!

How else can I exercise outside the normal expectations and lure myself into movement?

When I’m lounging with a book or magazine – I can read a few pages, then do a few sit ups.

I can read some more while stretching, doing leg lifts, and ankle circles.

Then do a yoga pose while I rest my eyes.

I can do this spontaneously without committing to any particular length of time.

This new approach turns exercise from a chore on the schedule to just a part of the joy of everyday living.

It integrates movement in to normal life – instead of compartmentalizing it out into yet another item on the endless “to-do” list.

I think this is yet another healthy way to bring movement and joy-in-our-physicality into our lives; developing a cat-like lifestyle.

Stretch when you wake up; stretch before bed; stretch between activities; stretch during activities; just one good long cat-stretch. This connects you with your body, and starts the engine running.

Who knows where it will lead!

In Joy!
The Garden Diet

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6 Responses to Cardio Can Wait

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for this and for sharing your experience!

  2. Gisela says:

    Jinjee, I just recently found your blog and I am so glad that I did. I am only partly raw and always felt that I was falling short of the goal (being all raw). Your blog is so friendly and forgiving about being less then perfect. So, I want to thank you.

  3. leslie says:

    Fabulous advice! Thank you, Jinjee!

  4. sherry hicke says:

    HI JInjee,
    Very well spoken as I do ,do the same . I am a certified trainer and certified holistic nutritional practitioner,raw food educator/demonstrator/etc.
    This I believe is a great thing as you are always doing something , I do have 3 dogs and a son at home, so if not anything else we are hiking or walking somewhere !
    We also have a yoga swing and rebounder at home , lots of fun and movement especially for the children.
    Have a bright sunshiny day ! :)
    Sherry Hicke

  5. Kristen Perry says:

    Thank you Jinjee. I couldn’t agree more. I have four daughters and I teach blind middle school reading full time. I am a perfectionist with addiction issues, so this is brilliant. We can give ourselves permission to lighten up and do things differently, instead of “perfectionism or shut down.”

  6. Tara Burner says:

    So true Jinjee
    like when I get stuck at my desk for hours at a time, I do leg lifts, squats, chair exercises til I can go out for a bike ride or run.
    I started keeping some small weights nearby to so I can grab those for a quickie lift to break up my work day!
    Every morning is woke up stretching and yoga and ends same way :)

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