Britney Spears Raw Food Diet


I stumbled on a Cosmopolitan UK headline that read:


The articles says: “Following in the foodie footsteps of raw food diet fan Katie Holmes, Brit owes her toned torso to a combo of crunching her abs and crunching on raw veg. The Womanizer warbler can only chow down on raw recipes including seaweed marinated in olive oil with coconut and papaya and pancakes made from flax seeds”.

Although another magazine, inquisitr, claims she is eating mainly poultry but has a “weakness” for raw food, particularly sushi!

Hollywood Life backs this up with a quote from Britney, originally from Women’s Health Magazine:

“I’m really into raw food — sushi, basically,” adding that she snacks on “any kind of fruit.”

I don’t know if she’s just saying that to be trendy, or if on the other hand she is just a bit embarrassed to admit that she’s actually into a full-on raw foods diet.

Pop Workouts reports that Britney eats toast and eggs for breakfast but that she relies on smoothies to get her through her long rehearsals and concert performances.

Maybe her song “Toxic” indicates she has been interested in clean diets for a while now. Many celebrities are, and although their lifestyles don’t often allow for a long-term raw diet, – the average celebrity raw food diet length is 2 weeks according to my Hollywood friend – but even 2 weeks might just be enough to get their glow back.

Well, if anyone knows a celeb, friend, or loved one who wants to try raw, send them my way to! The Raw Thanksgiving Cleanse starts Monday! Early Bird Special ends Friday at midnight.

In Joy!

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