Bread and Cheese Don’t Mix

I have noticed a lot of medical articles in recent years about the vegan diet improving all kinds of conditions. I’ve noticed a lot of other articles about the gluten free diet improving many conditions too, some of them the same conditions that are improved by cutting out dairy.

May I suggest a hypothesis? I’m not sure I may; I’m not a scientist. Anyway, here is my hunch, then…

The combination of gluten and dairy is the big problem. Both can be problems on their own, but together they seem to be double trouble.

Maybe it is because of this…

That gluten causes mold and dairy and other animal products have bacteria, and mold and bacteria are a bad combination.

(I know that most bacteria are killed during the cooking process but if the animal product does not digest at a normal rate in the body, it can start to develop bacteria again as it starts to break down).

Think of it. The bread sticks to your colon where it starts to mold if not enough roughage/fiber and/or water-rich foods come through to sweep/clean it out. (Usually the same foods have both of these cleansing properties: fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and water content).

Then the bacteria-rich dairy comes through and gets caught in the glutinous left-over bread. And there the bacteria in the animal products start to cause inflammation, get absorbed in to the blood stream and then cause inflammation all over the body.

Cut out the gluten and the animal products can pass through without getting stuck in the colon for as long. Cut out the dairy (and meat and other animal products) and the moldy mass of gluten doesn’t have those bacteria-laden foods to play host to.

So, cutting out animal products or gluten can be incredibly helpful. Cutting out both would of course be even better. That’s where the raw vegan diet can be really helpful, providing an alternative to these staple foods and making healing fruits and vegetables the mainstays of the menu.

In Joy!

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2 Responses to Bread and Cheese Don’t Mix

  1. Soorya says:

    I suspect you are right Jinjee about your hypothesis. I’m glad to hear there is more scientific proof for those who need the science. And even then it is very hard for people to break their addictions to wheat, dairy, sugars. Even for me, taste sometimes rules. Therefore, it is awesome that Storm is so 100% and it looks so great on him.

    Though I am vegan it is 99% and raw 85%. Today I was at Starbuck feeling hungry and shared a brioche with my husband and had coffee with cream. It is rare. But once in a while I succumb, like today.

    So here’s a toast, metaphorically, to being attracted in the direction of health, vibrancy, and longevity in a wholesome way.

  2. Rene C. says:

    Great hypothesis. It all comes down to food combinations. Thanks edu me.

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