Become a Diva About Your Health

healthdiva2How to adopt the Diva Mind-state…

If you are suffering from bad health habits, you can get some relief by switching to a Diva Mind-state!

Have you ever met a health diva? Someone who is always tuned in to exactly what they need and actively going about getting it? These people can be quite annoying but serve as good role-models for those of us who put our health needs on the back burner. It will be easier to adopt a Diva Mindset if you’ve witnessed one first-hand.

Either way, here’s how to do it….

You know how you are beating yourself up all day long for not drinking water, not eating right, not exercising, not getting enough sleep, working too much, etc?

Well, here’s the simple task. Every time you notice yourself berating yourself for something, instead of getting down about it, do something about it right away! Like, in that very moment, do the thing you are noticing you need. Get a glass of water. Do a stretch or a 5-minute workout or 10 sit-ups. Walk around the block. Take a break. Take a nap. Put away that food and write down your feelings. Call a friend. Take care of your wellbeing…now!

Here’s the mindset that will help in your task. Be tuned in to your needs and wants. Not the food, entertainment, escapist wants, but the true desires of your heart and the more immediate needs of your mind and body. If you feel thirsty, be a diva and ask for some water. Put your thirst above whatever project you are doing for whomever at the moment, even for your kid. If you really need a workout right now, be a diva about that and tell everyone you will be back in an hour and a half, and go take care of yourself. Put it on the daily calendar and be a diva about that sacred time for yourself. Make everyone else work around your schedule. Be a diva and ask the waitress to hold everything off your order that you don’t want to eat and replace it with more of what you do want to eat. Demand your healthy treats on the shopping list first. Demand your rest, your relaxation, your sleep, and your emotional wellbeing.

Instead of the usual mindset of discipline, deprivation, self-blaming, self-pity, martyrdom, depression, overwhelm and giving up, you can shift your reality and your experience by being more demanding. It’s a whole different energy; powerful, badass, loving towards yourself, caring, valuing your body and your emotional state, taking care of yourself so that you can be more useful to the world and enjoy being in it too!

Try it for a day! — Be a Diva and Feel Better!

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In Joy!

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