Beauty Secrets From Around The World

Some tidbits I’ve gathered in my travels…

– Kurdish Beauty Secret – Strive be beautiful even when you are alone. Dress in your best clothes, do your hair, even if staying home – showing your commitment to beauty to the Universe. “It is beautiful to be beautiful” – Saeed Ardalan

– Californian Beauty Secret – “The mask the actor wears becomes his face”. The look on your face stays there, so keep the beauty habit going. If you’re spirit is feeling ugly it’ll reflect on your face, so keeping a beautiful look on your face at all times makes you rise spiritually to the consciousness to maintain it. “Turn Your Lights On” – Everlast

– New York Beauty Secret – “Think Thin” — Eileen Ford has this sign in the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City! She knows that our minds are powerful. We create what we envision. Thin may not be in, but you could “think powerful, gorgeous, and light”!

– Oriental Beauty Secret – Look in the mirror each morning and adjust your face until you are beautiful from your inner spirit being in harmony, peace and goodness. Now you are adjusting your face and setting your spirit for the day.

– French Women’s Beauty Secret – Act like you’re beautiful even if you’re not! Most people aren’t smart, observant or conscious enough to tell if you are beautiful or not. Most people believe the hype, the advertising, the attitude. If your attitude is that you’re gorgeous, guess what? – You’re gorgeous!

– Another French Women’s Beauty Tip – “Facial massage is the new face-lift”! A quote from Paris Match Magazine. Effleurage, which is lightly making circles with your fingertips all over your face. And Tappotage, which is lightly tapping with your finger-tips all over your face, paying special attention to the eyebrows and all around the eyes, forehead, and jaw. We seldom really relax our eyes, and this really relaxes them, preventing eye-strain, smoothing wrinkles out and preventing new wrinkles from forming.

– East Indian Beauty Secret – rub the palms of your hands together rapidly to generate heat for 30 seconds, then place the heels of your hands on your closed eyelids for 1-3 deep breaths. This relaxes the eyes and prevents eyestrain and wrinkles. A nice break you can take for 1/2 a minute every hour if you are working hard and long on the computer.

– Ethiopian Beauty Secret – In Ethopia a woman is not considered beautiful unless she has some sadness. Let your sadness show. There is beauty in sadness. Let all your emotions show. There is beauty, authenticity, and soul, in your emotions.

– Welsh Beauty Tip – Save a little energy for the body. Most of us are in our heads so much, most of our energy goes to our brains. Keep a little energy left over for the body, and feel. Check in with how your body is feeling, frequently.

– Canadian Beauty Tip – Feel yourself moving through space as you walk. Your focus on your body brings others’ focus to your body – and as you are are conscious of your self, it will attract the consciousness of others.

– Swedish Beauty Tip – Focus all your energy in your lips. “Bring all your attention to your lips!” – Director Ingmar Bergman told actress Liv Ullman. Focus on your mouth and eyes, or your most beautiful features, and they will shine, and out-shine your flaws!

– Hollywood Beauty Tip – Think of celebs you look like, see their films, or create your own archetype of beauty, your own ideal of beauty. “I am an amazon nurturer, ample woman with a large generous and intelligent face”. Establish your vibe, love it! And Live it!

– Wall Street Beauty Tip – “Noticing”. We’re all good at noticing when we don’t look our best, but make sure to notice improvements, too. If your skin is looking better, your eyes more clear, your lips more shapely, your face more shapely….take note! Appreciate your own beauty, and it will appreciate in value!

In JOy!

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